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IET Achievement Medals


The IET Achievement Medals are awarded to individuals  who have made major and distinguished contributions in the various sectors of science, engineering and technology.

 The judging panel will look for outstanding and sustained excellence in one or more activities, for example, research and development, innovation, design, manufacturing, technical management, promotion of engineering and technology.  The medals in the collection include:

The IET Prestige Medals:

  • The Faraday Medal;
  • The Mountbatten Medal;
  • J J Thomson Medal for Achievement in Electronics;
  • Mensforth Manufacturing Gold Medal.


The IET Achievement Medals:

  • Up to five Achievement Medals are awarded for excellence in any area of engineering, technology or applied science.


How to nominate 

Nominations can be made by clicking onto the online nomination form on the right hand side. You do not need to be a Member of the IET to make a nomination or be nominated. 

Please note only one nomination is required per candidate and self-nominations will not be accepted.


Two of the 2017 winners

Image of Gareth Hankins   The IET Achievement Medal (Viscount Nuffield Silver Medal) for Manufacturing is awarded to Honorary Professor Gareth Hankins MIET, Renishaw Plc. Gareth Hankins has made significant contributions to manufacturing, over a period of the last ten years he has conceived and developed the highly flexible UK manufacturing operations servicing Renishaw Plc’s overwhelmingly international £500m per annum volatile 5-week order book business. He has achieved this through a deep strategic understanding of manufacturing disciplines, standardisation of equipment and processes, a culture of empowerment and data driven continual process improvement. He also nurtures engineering talent, with a strong focus on apprenticeships and graduate entrants.
Image of Hugh Griffiths   The IET Achievement Medal for Radar Engineering is awarded to Professor Hugh Griffiths FIET. Professor Griffiths is recognised as a world leader in the subject of bistatic radar. He has pioneered the development of bistatic radar and advanced the theory and implementation of passive radar which are evidenced by successful experimentations, a large volume of highly- cited papers, and recognition by the THALES/Royal Academy of Engineering Chair, the IET A F Harvey Prize, and the IEEE Picard Medal. Professor Griffiths currently leads a research programme to measure the bistatic radar signatures of sea clutter and targets. He has led research on waveform diversity, cognitive radar, spectrum engineering, drone detection, and ground penetrating radar for landmine detection, within impacting international organisations such as NATO. He has truly made outstanding, pioneering contributions to in the field of radar.

Two of the 2016 winners

Image of Professor Andy Neely BEng MA(Cantab) PhD MIET   Professor Andy Neely BEng, MA (Cantab), PhD MIET, Head of the Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing has been awarded the Achievement Medal (Viscount Nuffield Silver Medal) for manufacturing. Founding Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance, Professor Andy Neely has been at the forefront of research on manufacturing industries for over 25 years. He is one of the most widely cited scholars in the world on two primary topics of research and has personally advised four governments. His work on servitisation - the tendency for manufacturing firms to sell services and solutions rather than products - has ensured long term survival and success for many UK firms. His ideas on key performance indicators have influenced numerous organisations to rethink how they position themselves for long term success, including their wider responsibilities to society.
Image of Professor Mark Williams BEng(Hons) MSc PhD CEng FIMechE   Professor Mark Williams BEng(Hons) MSc PhD CEng FIMechE, Product Evaluation Technologies Group Leader, University of Warwick has been awarded the Achievement Medal for Forensic Engineering. Professor Williams' Criminal Forensics engineering is helping to shape the Criminal Justice system. It has established the truth where prosecution has not been pursued, provided pivotal evidence at a number of high profile murder trials and helped victims' families and vulnerable people. The work has also produced new homicide investigation procedures and founded a ground-breaking collaboration with West Midlands Police and Home Office pathologists. Related outreach programmes and extensive media coverage have illuminated the diversity and societal impact of engineering, helping to inspire the next generation.


Two of the 2015 winners

Image of Rachel Hurst   Rachel Hurst, Group Operations Director with Domino Printing Services plc. UK, has been awarded an Achievement Medal. Her career at Domino Printing Services has encompassed manufacturing, customer operations, product management, sales and marketing, mergers and acquisition, and strategic planning and since 2006 she has been responsible for all of the company’s manufacturing operations.
Image of Robin Sham   An Achievement Medal has been awarded to Dr Robin Sham BSc PhD DIC FCGI FRSA CEng FICE FHKIE, Sector Managing Director/Transportation AECOM, Hong Kong. He is a pioneering innovator in bridge engineering and has made profound contributions to bridge building globally.  He created the Aberfeldy Bridge, the world’s first glass fibre reinforced composite cable-stayed bridge and was recognised as a key innovator of the Taizhou Bridge, the world’s first long-span, three-pylon continuous suspension bridge.

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