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2017 Scholarships and Bursaries Celebration Ceremony  

Image of the 2016 IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship and Engineering Horizons Bursary winners

The 2017 Scholarship and Bursary Celebration Ceremony was held on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 at IET Savoy Place, London

This was the first time that the 2016 scholars and bursary holders met.

The ceremony was opened by Iris Hutchings, IET Scholarships Account Manager, who also introduced Carol Sharawy, IET  Engineering Horizons Account Manager.

The Diamond Scholars Council spoke about how they represent the scholars views and engagement with the IET, and invited any scholars and bursary award winners to join the group.

Dolores Byrne, Chair of the IET Fundraising Cabinet said that being an engineer is a great position to be in today, and talked about her own personal engineering journey. She spoke about the IET being the Professional home for Life for engineers and the importance of engaging with the IET.

The first cohort of Diamond scholars to graduate in 2016 received their certificates from Jeremy Watson, IET President. Adam  Heywood one of the graduates spoke about his enjoyment of being involved with STEM activities and joining his local network.

Jenni Sidey, 2016 IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year,  congratulated all of the winners and highlighted that 51% of the Diamond Scholarships awarded in 2016 were to females.

All the 2016 scholars and bursary winners were called up on stage to receive their certificate from their donors. 

Nigel Fine, IET Chief Executive and Secretary, congratulated the winners and thanked the donors for supporting both schemes and then closed the ceremony.


The following donors presented certificates to the scholars and bursary winners:

BAE Systems, Pamela Wilson
BT, Tim Whitley
The Engineers Trust, Malcolm Vincent
ERA Foundation, Sir John O'Reilly
The Manly Trust, Margaret Manly
Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Nigel Williams
Siemens, Simon Roberts
On behalf of Belling Charitable Settlement and Lloyd's Register Foundation, Jeremy Watson, IET President
On behalf of Mr & Mrs Tubbs, Nigel Fine, IET Chief Executive and Secretary


The 2016 Scholarship and Bursary winners and donors talk about the award.