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IET Undergraduate Grants 

For applicants already at a UK university


Commencing a second, third or final year at a UK university in Autumn 2014

Ten IET Grants of £1,000 are available to students who will be commencing the second, third or final year of an IET accredited degree course at a UK university in Autumn 2014 and who expect to obtain 60 per cent or more (i.e. a 2.i or above) in their end of year exams.  The awards are made on a competitive basis and are assessed by the Scholarships Committee.  Applications must be supported by a reference from your tutor. Please note IET Grants are only for students attending university in the UK however the IET do have other scholarships for students attending university in India


Applying for an IET Grant

Please note that if you are already in receipt of any other IET scholarship or grant you will not be eligible to apply.  

All applicants for IET Grants must be on an IET accredited undergraduate degree programme in the UK,  your application will not be processed if your course is not accredited by the IET.  The IET accredits programmes across a diverse spectrum, including electrical, electronic, manufacturing, mechanical, systems and software engineering and specialist areas such as bioengineering, nanotechnology and renewable energy.

Some engineering courses may be accredited by professional bodies or Institutions other than the IET, this can be checked via the

The absence of IET accreditation could mean that the programme is accredited by another professional body, it is going through the re-accreditation process or the university has not asked the IET to accredit the programme.  Before making your application check the list of accredited programmes to make sure that your course is accredited by the IET.

Once you have checked that your course is accredited complete the online application form.  You will then need to upload your exam results by 31 July 2014.  

Please note Undergraduate Grants do not cover placement years. 



It is a mandatory requirement for us to receive a reference in support of your application.  It is your responsibility to ask your referee for a reference and we will not contact referees to obtain references on your behalf, nor will we contact referees who have not supplied a reference by the deadline.  The completed reference form must be sent to by your referee by the deadline of 17:00 (BST) on 26 June 2014.  We can only accept references that have been sent by your referee, not yourself.  Your referee should ideally be someone who is in a position to comment on your academic ability (e.g. school or college tutor) or an employer. You may submit more than one reference and candidates with industrial experience or sponsorship who are submitting an academic reference are encouraged to submit an additional reference from a training supervisor or manager in further support of their application. If an issue arises that means that your original referee is unable to supply a reference, alternative academic or employer references are acceptable. Relatives or people living in the same household are not acceptable referees.


University transcripts

Applicants who have completed their application by the deadline of 26 June 2014 will be invited to upload a scanned copy of their University examination transcripts by 31 July 2014. Please ensure that you submit the correct information, i.e. your results for the 2013/2014 academic year and that they are your confirmed results and not provisional ones.



  • Receipt of application - 17:00 on 26 June 2014
  • Receipt of references - 17:00 on 26 June 2014
  • Receipt of exam results - 17:00 on 31 July 2014

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