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The Mountbatten Medal celebrates individuals who have made an outstanding contribution, over a period of time, to the promotion of electronics or information technology and their application. Contributions can be within the spheres of science, technology, industry or commerce and in the dissemination of the understanding of electronics and information technology, whether to young people, or adults.


2016 winner: Professor Jean Armstrong BSc MSc PhD FIEEE FIEAust MIET, Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University Australia

Image of Professor Jean Armstrong BSc MSc PhD FIEEE FIEAust MIET  



Quote by Dr Timothy Constandinou, Chairman, IET Awards and Prizes Committee

“Professor Armstrong’s research has had a major influence on both optical and wireless communications and has led to many very highly cited papers and commercialised patents. As an educator, she has been an innovative adopter of new technologies and has led major curriculum reforms at three universities. She has worked to encourage young women and remove the barriers that she herself encountered; her research and contributions to women in engineering have led to both national and international awards.”

Professor Armstrong was presented with her Medal by the Hon. Timothy Knatchbull, grandson of The Earl Mounbatten of Burma at the 2017 IET Mountbatten  Lecture on Tuesday, 21 March 2017. View images below.


2015 winner: Dr Alan Finkel AO FTSE FIEAust

Image of Alan Finkel  




Dr Alan Finkel AM PhD FTSE FIEASUT FIEEE, Chancellor of Monash University and President of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, whose revolutionary measurement techniques and tools helped to shape experimental neuroscience and speed up drug research. Founder and leader of world-class companies Axon and OptiScan who manufacture precision scientific instruments for medicine and pharmacy, founder and Chairman of Cosmos Magazine, CEO of Australian secondary school science education initiative, establisher of Australian Course in Advanced Neuroscience, Alan Finkel represents a rare combination of outstanding technical leader, entrepreneur, highly successful scientist and research engineer, dedicated supporter of education and philanthropist.

Dr Finkel was presented with his Medal by Naomi Climer, IET President at the 2016 Appleton Lecture. View images below.


2014 winner: Dr Ronjon Nag FIET

Image of Ronjon Nag

Dr Ronjon Nag, FIET,  working as an entrepreneur and engineer over a 25 year period,  pioneered the deployment of smartphone componentry – speech and handwriting recognition, predictive text , and the app stores that smartphones depend upon.  He sold the companies he co-founded - Lexicus and Cellmania  - to Motorola and BlackBerry, causing his technologies to be embedded in the earliest smartphones, resulting in billions of downloads and an industry worth billions. He has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Birmingham University, a Master’s in Management Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University and was a Harkness Fellow at Stanford University’s Psychology Department researching neural computing techniques.  Based both in Cambridge, UK and Silicon Valley, California, he is currently co-founder/Chairman of Ersatz Labs a machine intelligence company, and Chairman of Embee Mobile, which provides free mobile service.

Dr Nag was presented with his Medal by Professor William Webb, IET President at the 2014 Mountbatten Memorial Lecture. View images below.


2013 winner: Dr Ian Nussey OBE FREng HonFIET

Image of Dr Ian Nussey OBE

Dr Ian Nussey OBE, IBM, UK, is awarded the Mountbatten Medal in recognition of his sustained achievements in Information and Manufacturing Technology and for his valuable service to the next generation of professional engineers.  Dr Ian Nussey is one of UK’s outstanding proponents within areas of information technology and manufacturing application and control.  A leading figure at IBM over 50 years, his career was characterised by his leadership of development of innovative solutions to technologically challenging problems, including the joint creation of the software of the world’s first flexible manufacturing system.  In addition, Dr Nussey has actively championed the education and training of young professional engineers, with the aim of strengthening the UK’s future in engineering.

Dr Nussey was presented with his Medal by Mr Barry Brooks, IET President at the 2013 Mountbatten Memorial Lecture. View images below.  


2012 winner: Professor Vincent Fusco FREng FIET 

Image of Prof Vincent Fusco

Professor Vincent Fusco, Queen’s University of Belfast, is awarded the Mountbatten Medal for outstanding, dedicated, lifetime leadership in establishing the field of active antenna technology for advanced wireless applications, and for his seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding of self-tracking antennas and non-linear phase conjugating surfaces.

Professor Fusco was presented his award by Mr Barry Brooks, IET Deputy President at the 2012 Mountbatten Memorial Lecture.  View images below.

2011 winner: Professor Peter McOwan

Peter McOwan photo Professor Peter McOwan, Professor of Computer Science in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University London, was awarded the Mountbatten Medal 2011 for his excellence in communicating computer science to diverse audiences.


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Images from 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017 Mountbatten Memorial and 2016 Appleton Lectures


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