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Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Low Resource Settings - AHT2014

The 8th International Conference - Promoting access to healthcare through technology

17 - 18 September 2014 | 15Hatfields, London, UK



About this conference


Research carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that almost 95 percent of medics practicing in less developed countries are reliant on medical technology that has been imported.

More than half of this technology, however, is not utilised as staff have insufficient means to maintain the equipment or insufficient knowledge to operate it. Subsequently, there is inadequate provision for administering healthcare in the developing world.

Other problems include unreliable power and water supplies, inappropriate donations of equipment, consumables and pharmaceuticals, unsafe disposal of medical equipment and waste, political instability and war.

The need is for appropriate, affordable, sustainable and quality equipment, supplies and support in both development and emergency situations.

The 8th IET International Conference provided delegates with a great opportunity to learn about the key issues surrounding healthcare provision in the developing world and to network with fellow workers.

There was a post-conference on-line debate on the electronic discussion forum INFRATECH.

The IET (and the IEE before it) have been holding these  two-yearly events on appropriate healthcare technologies (AHT) since the year 2000.

Archives on previous events and resources on AHT can be found on the Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries (AHT) community website.

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