Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems (photo)

3 - 4 February 2016 | IET London: Savoy Place

About the course


Cyber security is a progressively complex and challenging topic

With no shortage of incidents from criminals, hackers and nation-states, it is becoming increasingly important for industries to increase their cyber awareness and resilience to ensure that their knowledge and systems match the advanced tactics employed by cyber criminals.

The Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems workshop and seminar have been specifically designed to address the key cyber security issues identified by people working in industrial control and SCADA Systems.


Key topics include:

  • Safety versus security: understanding the balance in the absence of guidance
  • The maturity cycle: retroactively applying up-to-date security controls to legacy components
  • Intelligent system design: building secure products that can handle the evolving nature of cyber threats
  • Increased automation: mitigating against an increased attack / target surface
  • Operational and information technology: understanding the relationship and how it can be improved
  • People and processes: how to provide engineers with skills and tools to do their job
  • Insight into standardisation: creating a bespoke strategy for ICS
  • Cyber detection and defence: understanding where to focus your efforts


Why should I attend?

  • Learn more about cyber-criminals: Why might you be a target? What are the motivations behind an attack? What different methods can a potential attacker employ to breach your defences?
  • Gain key information on the latest best practice guidance and standards: What are the most important security measures to employ within industrial control systems? How can you create a culture of awareness?
  • Learn how to identify and respond to an attack. How can you mitigate against any potential damage and loss of income/reputation? What countermeasures can you employ?
  • Gain insights into the latest threats and vulnerabilities. What are the most prevalent types of attacks against ICS? What are the different ways organisations, systems and employees might be vulnerable?
  • Network and share your ideas and concerns with members of the information security community


Who should attend?

This course would benefit anybody working or studying in information security looking to extend their knowledge and is a must attend event for SCADA engineers, IT professionals and senior directors / management with responsibility over data, networks and control systems.

The course would also benefit any security professionals working outside of industrial control systems as the threats, vulnerabilities and security principles that will be covered are transferable across industries.


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