Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems (photo)

5 - 6 February 2014 | Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London, UK

About the seminar



The vulnerability of our critical infrastructure to disruption is in the news as experts alert governments to the possibility of attack across the internet against the Industrial Control Systems that operate our power, transport and other key infrastructure. The risks are changing quickly with more and more information available online to aid those with malicious intent.

In February this year, the President of the United States stated publicly, “Repeated cyber intrusions into critical infrastructure demonstrate the need for improved cyber security. The cyber threat to critical infrastructure continues to grow and represents one of the most serious national security challenges we must confront”. He has commissioned urgent work that reports in 2013. There is similar work in the UK and elsewhere.

As an industry, we face multiple challenges: identifying what is truly critical, given the increasingly complex interdependencies; what to do about legacy systems whose configuration is hard to change; how to deal with the pressure to network everything to everything else; how to design these and future systems to avoid building in latent vulnerabilities; how we train our workforce to do all this.


About the Cyber Security event

This popular seminar is suitable for those who want a practical insight on broader security issues. Delivered in a mixture of presentations, debate, case studies and live demonstrations, seminar attendees will definitely hear the latest on what’s happening.

We have a brand new agenda for 2014, with a focus on the following key themes:

  • The UK’s need to train and certify its ICS engineers and technicians in technical cyber security training
  • Insight into best practices and new ideas in ICS security
  • More information on exactly how to secure networks e.g. what tools are available?
  • Vision into problems faced by end-users e.g. how they make their systems and what facilities they use to secure themselves from current/future threats
  • The solutions to protecting legacy systems

Leading experts will tackle the growing issue on the UK’s need for Cyber Security training, as they will debate “What does the UK need to train and certify its ICS engineers and technicians in Cyber Security?”

We’ve got an impressive array of speakers lined up so you can grasp the finer points of SCADA security enabling you to gain the practical knowledge you need to ensure security within your organisation.

Visit the programme page for more details.


Half-day risk assessment workshop

To stimulate greater learning, networking and information sharing, Citicus will be delivering a half-day workshop where we will assess the individual security risks in your ICS system and practical controls and mitigations.

Visit the workshop page for more details.


Who should attend the seminar?

This seminar benefits those who have management responsibility for the security of their computers and networks of control systems and is a must attend event for SCADA engineers, IT professionals and senior directors/management

Delegates who attend IET Cyber Security seminars represent departments that include security, IT, risk, compliance, audit, investigations and legal. Industry sectors typically represented include energy, transport, telecommunications, legal, military and defence.

  • SCADA engineers / specialists
  • IT professionals
  • Technology / Security professionals
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineers
  • Systems Engineer
  • Plant Managers, Engineering and Operations Management, Project Managers, Automation and Control Managers, Process Control and SCADA Engineers, Plant Engineers
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO) / Chief Technology Officers (CTO)
  • Information and Security professionals
  • Control System Vendor Developers and Integrators
  • Government leaders responsible for policy and regulation of utilities and other process control users
  • Academic and research laboratory leaders
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Market


What is included in the registration fees?

  • Ample networking opportunities with delegates and leading speakers
  • Access to presentation slides after the seminar
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the seminar
  • Certificate of attendance which may be used as evidence for your CPD records


Cyber threats generally invisible to majority of staff within an organisation – it is not tangible like many safety issues. Therefore the push to change the culture is a high priority which is why IET highly encourages you to register with your colleagues using our 3for2 offer!

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