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23 October 2014 | BCS, London, UK




Thursday 23 October 2014

09:00Registration and refreshments

Conference Chair’s welcome and introduction

Professor David Crawford, University of Essex and Director and Ravensbourne College


Data Analytics: laws and the legal framework

  • How privacy laws can be an enabler for big data
  • Ownership rights over your big data assets
  • What the UK can learn from the US framework of privacy law as applicable to Big Data

Vinod Bange, Partner, Head of Data Protection, Taylor Wessing LLP


Glasgow City Council – smarter city analysis

  • Application of real building data in energy modelling
  • Building energy and Building Information Modelling (BIM) analysis for retrofit design and post occupancy evaluation
  • What are the challenges of data acquisition towards smart city analysis

Mark Gifford, Consultancy Development Manager, Low Carbon Energy Assessor, IES

10:40Refreshments and networking opportunity

Analysis of big data sourced from mobile phone networks

  • Review of the different kinds of data available from mobile phone networks
  • Using information from the radio network including subscriber location without GPS
  • Anonymising and aggregating data for marketing applications
  • Review of the open source technologies we exploit
  • The top 10 things we wished we knew before embarking on any big data project

Phil Claridge, Chief Innovation Architect, Arieso (part of JDSU)


Big healthcare data – realising the promise

  • What is the promise?
  • What is the challenge? The difficulties of collating data from multiple sources
  • What we are doing now with the National Surveillance Centre of England and Wales
  • How we are moving forward with trans European data collation

Professor Paul Krause, Professor of Software Engineering and Professor Simon de Lusignan, Head of Department of Health Care Management and Policy, University of Surrey


How data collected on the courts at Wimbledon provides tennis match insights to the world

  • It takes just four seconds for IBM to make one point come to life for the rest of the world
  • Wimbledon's digital strategy exploits data, statistics and analytics in real time
  • IBM's digital platforms provide an engaging fan experience throughout The Championships

Chris Nott, CTO Big Data & Analytics, IBM UK & Ireland

12:40Morning Q&A session
12:50Lunch and networking opportunity

Keynote speaker - Technology to accelerate discovery: investing in Data Analytics

  • Making the most of data – where does the real business value of data analytics lie?
  • Essential analytics ingredients – it’s not all about the technology
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Five steps to becoming an Insight-Driven Organisation
  • Ethics – driving additional value through responsible analytics

Harvey Lewis, Research Director, Analytics, Deloitte


Squeezing the transport data: extracting utility and identifying opportunities

  • Transport data can represent an untapped resource for both research and operational purposes
  • In Compass4D each vehicle’s position is used to create an easier journey for the driver
  • A user may exchange “information” for “utility”

Dr Graeme Hill, Research Associate, Newcastle University

14:50Refreshments and networking opportunity

Creating value from smart meter data

  • What data will British smart meters provide
  • Who should be interested in which data items
  • Where is the value created

Richard Hampshire, Partner, Smart Utilities, CGI


Good simple research – good easy to understand analysis

  • How can context and micro-analysing actual behaviour using video ethnography over time provide a helpful set of data analytics for the industry?
  • How starting with the small may deliver clues and a helpful perspective for analysts coping with bigger data analytics?

Sarah Pearson, Managing Partner, ACB (Actual Customer Behaviour)

16:20Afternoon Q&A session
16:30Chair’s final remarks  and close of event


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