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The IET’s 13th Professional Development Course

3 - 6 November 2014 | The Kingsway Hall Hotel, London, UK

About the course


Electric Traction Systems (ETS) was four day course presented by a host of expert lecturers and practitioners who have worked on railway systems around the world and aims to provide delegates with a high level of understanding around the current and future practice in traction design and interface systems, from both a technical and managerial view.

The course was targeted primarily at engineers working within the railway traction industry but would also be highly relevant to graduate engineers seeking professional development, as well as more senior engineers working in the rail and traction systems industry.

Participants also had the option of attending a course dinner at the end of day 1 and one of three technical visits at the end of day two, designed to give delegates a first-hand experience of the ideas and technologies being discussed.



Each day, the course programme covered a key aspect of Electric Traction Systems, giving a complete guide to this vital aspect of railway engineering.

  • Day 1: Fundamentals; overview of ETS systems, calculating performance, techniques for energy saving, signalling and control systems, braking and control architecture
  • Day 2: Drives; DC and AC traction, induction motors, motor control, power converters and inverters, technical visit (optional)
  • Day 3: System and Interfaces; AC / DC rail electrification, electromagnetic compatibility , auxiliary power for rolling stock, on board control and monitoring
  • Day 4: Practicalities; safety management, software safety and dependability, future ideas and case studies

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