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17 March 2016 | IET London: Savoy Place


Professor Yang Hao (photo)

Professor Yang Hao from Queen Mary University of London is the winner of the £300,000 IET A F Harvey Engineering Research Prize.



He was chosen from high-calibre candidates from across the world as a result of his outstanding contributions in the fields of microwave, antennas and in particular metamaterial antenna innovations.




Professor Hao’s ‘Tailoring Microwave Antennas using Smart Materials via Transformation Optics’ research is focussed on developing a new generation of antennae with better aesthetics and a fundamental new design, which could allow them to be used in new and exciting ways, particularly in satellite communications and the aerospace industry.



This unmissable event provides huge value:

The A F Harvey Research prize, worth £300,000, is named after Dr A F Harvey who bequeathed a generous sum of money to the IET for a trust fund to be set up in his name after his death which is for the furtherance of scientific research into the fields of medical, microwave, laser or radar engineering.


Professor Hao will present his lecture titled ‘Antenna Engineering in the Era of Big Data’ at IET London: Savoy Place on 17 March 2016.


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The A F Harvey Prize has been awarded to a number of influential names from medical, microwave, laser or radar engineering.



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