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Leaving a legacy

Legacies are a fantastic way of giving back to the profession that has supported you over the years help give the younger generations an opportunity to really discover and explore engineering.

Many people assume that when they die their next of kin will automatically inherit everything. If you do not make a Will that clearly states how you wish to divide it, the law decides which relatives will receive your estate and in what proportions. This means that your property, possessions and personal items may not go to who you would like them to.

Many charities rely on the kindness of their supporters to leave them a legacy in their Will. Some people who wish to donate to charities do not make a Will and are unable to contribute as they would have wished.

The IET relies on legacies from its members to support the engineers of today and inspire the engineers of the future. A charitable donation from you this way could support bursaries and scholarships as well inspire the younger generation to become part of a long and fulfilling career.

One of the ways in which a legacy can help is that from AF Harvey  and it has helped to set up an award going to the advancement of radar technologies and electrical engineering.

Please download the IET  Legacy Pack for further information, or contact us.