The IET Innovation Awards 2015 (image)

18 November 2015 | The Brewery, London, UK


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Asset Management

Supported by the Institute of Asset Management



 Category scope

Entries to the Asset Management Innovation Award category are welcomed from organisations that have demonstrated innovation in Asset Management which has delivered financial, performance and risk reduction benefits.

Entries can range from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications, and are encouraged from, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:

  • Development of whole life Asset Management tools
    • Investment
    • Asset renewal
    • Maintenance requirements
  • Risk-based maintenance or inspection
  • Innovative asset information systems
  • Development of risk models to quantify financial, environmental and safety risks
  • Development of ‘operational readiness’ capabilities in relation to major incident response
  • Performance measurement and related decision making
  • Approaches to the development of asset management skills and competencies
  • Asset knowledge to improve the reliability or efficiency of assets
  • Approaches to change management
  • Innovative asset information systems and asset knowledge enablers
  • Asset Management strategies and planning
  • Fresh approaches to aging assets and strategies


New for 2015

The winner of the Asset Management category will be offered the fantastic opportunity to participate in the IET & IAM Asset Management Conference the following year as an invited speaker in the conference programme.


There are three simple steps to entering the awards


Prepare your entry form and any supporting evidence (if appropriate) along with a high res photo (min. 300dpi) of your innovation. You’ll need a succinct title and a brief description (50 words max), we also ask for a PR contact (if relevant).


Register as a new user on the online submission system and submit your entry form, evidence and photo following the on-screen instructions.


Put 18 November 2015 in your diary. You’ll need to attend the ceremony if you’re shortlisted!




Handy hints for completing your entry form

  • The title of your entry should describe the content and not include the name of your company or organisation with no more than 15 words
  • You may enter up to three categories with each innovation but will require a separate entry form for each
  • Ensure you actually describe how your innovation works (simple, but not always the case!)
  • No sales jargon please
  • Be specific to the questions posed
  • Remember to refer back to the judging criteria
  • Please remember that it is quality over quantity. Pay attention to the guideline words lengths
  • The description in question five may be used to describe your innovation in any general marketing and publicity that the institution does on your behalf should your entry reach finalist stage of the awards. This marketing will reach a very broad audience and needs to be constructed in non-technical terms. It should not simply repeat the entry title as the two will usually be listed together