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Asset Management


Asset Management Award Winner 2014

Network Rail Asset Information ORBIS Programme, Cap Gemini and EY (photo)

Offering rail better information services - linear asset decision support solution

Network Rail Asset Information ORBIS Programme, Cap Gemini and EY

ORBIS LADS capability transforms Network Rail's track infrastructure maintenance availability. By joining multiple fragmented, complex datasets into actionable asset intelligence we have enabled track engineers to make the “right interventions, right time, determined by facts”. ORBIS will save £750m over the next 10 years, enhance safety and increase asset availability.


The judging panel commented:

"Network Rail has successfully met the need for asset intensive industries to acquire data and use it collectively to meet strategic objectives. Combining 14 complex data sources and integrating information from different departments into one common digital view.

"There are now new opportunities for maintenance operations to make better intervention decisions."


Also shortlisted:

Horizons – visualised asset management
Atkins, Yotta and the Highways Agency

Horizons is a software tool which allows users to make informed decisions on where and how to invest in road maintenance. It contains road condition information (from surveys) which can be displayed and analysed in an intuitive manner to help these professionals make best use of their budgets.


Condition based risk management (CBRM)
EA Technology Ltd

EA Technology’s CBRM methodology has transformed the way power assets are managed. Its entirely original way of combining asset condition data, with quantification of the financial risk of asset failure, has produced enormous benefits for users – smarter investment decisions, resulting in longer asset life, greater reliability and lower costs.


Safer streets: Asset management innovation reduces cable pit failure risk
UK Power Networks in partnership with Black & Veatch

In response to potentially dangerous failures in distribution cable pits, UK Power Networks, in collaboration with Black & Veatch, developed a new asset management strategy to mitigate risks to the public. This step-change in pit management addresses “personal impact” criteria by reducing significantly the chance of failure causing injury.


ATCSA - Advanced non-invasive fault diagnosis in electric motors and generators
Universitat Politècnica de València

ATCSA is a non-invasive approach to detect incipient failures in electric machines. It is based on the analysis of currents by using advanced signal processing tools. ATCSA is valid for every operation regime and provides a high reliability in the diagnostic, avoiding dangerous false diagnostics of the classical methods.


Asset Management information

All the information about the Asset Management category can be found here.

Entries to the Asset Management Innovation Award category are welcomed from organisations that have demonstrated innovation in Asset Management which has delivered financial, performance and risk reduction benefits.


Category scope

The IET Innovation Award Asset Management category is managed and judged in partnership with the Institute of Asset Management.

The Award is supported by the Asset Management Technical Professional Network; the IET's joint venture with the Institute of Asset Management.

The Asset Management category may include projects such as:

  • Development of Whole Life Asset Management tools to optimise capital investment, asset renewal or maintenance requirements
  • Risk-based approaches to maintenance or inspection
  • Innovative asset information systems supporting Asset Management decisions
  • Development of risk models to quantify financial, environmental and safety risks
  • Development of ‘operational readiness’ capabilities to plan for and respond to major incidents affecting the business and its customers
  • Novel approaches to asset and asset management performance measurement and related decision making
  • Novel approaches to competency and the development of asset management skills
  • Innovative use of asset knowledge to improve the reliability or efficiency of assets
  • New approaches to managing change as Asset Management is embedded in an organisation
  • Innovative asset information systems and asset knowledge enablers supporting Asset Management decisions
  • Novel approaches to Asset Management strategies and planning
  • Fresh approaches to aging assets and strategies e.g. embedding new components into legacy systems to mitigate against broader asset lifecycle costs


Judges will look for originality and will place significant emphasis on the contribution made to whole life asset management, risk management and the impact on business performance.

Other factors include progress with implementation, integration into the business and the contribution to asset knowledge.