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Communications Award Winner 2014

CCS Ltd (photo)

The world's first self-organising small cell microwave backhaul


The CCS self-organising backhaul system offers a solution to the increasing demand for capacity on mobile networks. It provides high-capacity backhaul in a unique multipoint-to-multipoint architecture for higher availability and resilience, enabling cost-effective small cell deployment in a flexible, organic way as additional capacity is required.


The judging panel commented:

“This entry has developed a high-capacity backhaul for 4G/LTE small cells to alleviate capacity issues encountered in wireless systems. The system is capable of transmitting at 480 Mbps and has advantages of easy installation, does not need continuous network planning, site re-visits or antenna re-alignment.

"This is a significant advance for the communications sector.”


Also shortlisted:

AD9625-2.5 – ultra-wideband analogue/digital data converter
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI)

The AD9625-2.5 is an analogue to digital converter that provides what could be termed a step function better noise and dynamic range performance, over the DC to 3 GHz input bandwidth.


Stagebox revolutionises outside broadcasts while saving time, complexity and costs
L2Tek, BBC R&D and CoreEL

Stagebox is a ground-breaking camera-mounted device that makes live HD television production feasible over a standard Internet Protocol (IP) network. The technology, which links to multiple cameras and controls them remotely, is moving the broadcast industry towards an open and end-to-end IP production chain, delivers significant time and cost savings.


High-speed visible-light communication (VLC) wireless data transmission via solid-state lighting
University of Edinburgh and PureLiFi

Wireless data communications is essential in modern society but cellular systems are running out of capacity. This innovation uses a solid-state lighting optical channel, with inherently much greater bandwidth, to increase the potential data rate and provide enhanced capability.


mKRISHI® fisheries – ICT innovation for safe and environmental friendly fishing
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) and Mumbai Research Centre

mKRISHI fisheries is a local lanugage mobile service offering PFZ, wind and wave alerts to fishermen. This service when piloted in 13 fishermen societies in Raigad (MH) led to 30-40% increase in fish catch in PFZ area and 30-50% reduction in diesel consumption and no causality during the rough sea seasons.


Communications information

All the information about the Communications category can be found here.


Category scope

Entries to the IET Communications Innovation Award category will be considered for innovation in all aspects of communications, including (but not limited to):

Communications enabling technology and networks, services, and service management.

We welcome entries concerning innovation in the following areas:

  • Fixed/mobile/converged voice and/or data communications infrastructure solutions
  • Dedicated mobile applications and solutions
  • Wireless and wireline networking
  • Fibre, fibre devices, fibre amplifiers
  • Waveguide and optoelectronic devices
  • Subsystems for optical networks
  • Point-to-point transmission systems
  • Optical transport and wide-area networks
  • Access, local area and intra-data centre networks
  • Propagation and spectrum management
  • Network, service, mobility and resource management
  • Usage, usability and customer management