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Consumer Electronics Technology


Consumer Electronics Technology Award Winner 2014

Audio Analytic Ltd (photo)

The future of sound

Audio Analytic Ltd

Audio Analytic cutting edge technology is used to detect sounds such as smoke alarm, baby cry, glass break, elderly in need, etc. to enable alerts to home or business owners, helping them to react promptly and intelligently to incidents as soon as they happen.


The judging panel commented:

"Audio analytic is an intelligent software system that recognises sounds by means of computer analysis and can easily be embedded into home automation systems and IP cameras.

"It can detect a broad range of sounds from crying babies to breaking glass to the elderly in need and has a multitude of applications in the home and business."


Also shortlisted:

CSRmesh™ repurposes bluetooth® smart connectivity for internet of things applications
CSR plc

CSRmesh™ enables a completely new way to interact with devices in your local area. Using a broadcast mesh technology built on top of Bluetooth® low energy allows any smart phone to control and monitor anything else, not only in the same room, but also throughout a whole building.


Upp: A personal, portable, fuel cell based energy source
Intelligent Energy

Upp is a personal energy device based on hydrogen fuel cell technology that gives instant energy anytime, anywhere to power compatible hand-held electronic devices via USB. The Upp has two parts. One part is the hydrogen fuel cell and the other is the refillable Upp cartridge that stores the hydrogen.



Piper is the first all-in-one home security and automation device combining an HD camera, HD panoramic video, lighting control and scheduling, and environmental sensors. This Wi-Fi device is simple to set up and use, and enables consumers to remotely monitor and control their home environment via iOS or Android smartphones / tablets.


High-speed visible-light communication (VLC) wireless data transmission via solid-state lighting
University of Edinburgh and PureLiFi

Wireless data communications is essential in modern society but cellular systems are running out of capacity. This innovation uses a solid-state lighting optical channel, with inherently much greater bandwidth, to increase the potential data rate and provide enhanced capability.


Consumer Electronics Technology information

All the information about the Consumer Electronics Technology category can be found here.


Category scope

The Consumer Electronics Technology category welcomes innovations that are ready to enter/new to the technology marketplace.

Consumer electronics are electrical based equipment intended for everyday use.

They contribute to the lifestyle and are found in the home and office and are often associated with entertainment and communications.

Submitted innovations should be (but are not limited to):

  • A new product or prototype which consists of a significant amount of new electronic hardware or software design

For example: Mobile phone technology (hardware and software), Entertainment systems (hardware and software)

  • Examples of innovations submitted to this category are defined as new, and novel high science technologies using electrical, electronic and / or electro-mechanical engineering
  • Keywords: hardware design, software design, electro-mechanical