The IET Innovation Awards 2015 (image)

18 November 2015 | The Brewery, London, UK


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Emerging Technology Design


Emerging Technology Design Award Winner 2015

Emerging 2015 winners (photo)

The Aeristech electric supercharger “eSupercharger” for extreme automotive engine downsizing
Aeristech Ltd

Any engine fitted with an Aeristech eSupercharger, powered by an electric motor of Aeristech’s invention, has the performance of an engine of twice its size with half the fuel consumption and emissions.

Emerging shortlist (image)


The judging panel commented:

"What a wonderful invention! This is both an environmentally friendly idea, that will save money and is also applicable to the mass markets.

"The team has worked hard to get this innovation to such an impressive stage and, without a doubt, was a winner in all the judges’ minds."



Also shortlisted:

Smart bio-sensing clothing

Currently, fabric-embedded biometric-sensors require tight contact targeting the high-end sport community.

Our patented fabric-embedded biometric-sensor (provides continuous measure of heart-beat rhythm, breathing, oxymetry and blood-pressure) is touch-less device targeting the entire community. Our sensor can also sense and record voice signals.

It does not have any electrical contact, therefore can be used in a wet environment without degradation in performance.

Bar Ilan University and FabriXense

Emerging shortlist (image)  

Zero-emission liquid-nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration system

Dearman’s zero-emission transport refrigeration system for the booming temperature-controlled logistics market will deliver operational savings and environmental benefit.

Diesel-powered transport refrigeration units consume up to 20% of a truck’s diesel and emit high quantities of harmful pollutants. Dearman’s alternative emits zero emissions and delivers well-to- wheel CO2 savings of 20%-40%.


Emerging shortlist (image)  

A novel trocar to dramatically reduce keyhole surgery injuries

The initial trocar insertion is the most dangerous aspect of trocar use in keyhole surgeries.

This advanced trocar is a significant improvement on existing products; it utilises the CO2 pressure introduced between the organs and the skin to automatically retract the sharp edge, reducing the risk of causing damage.

Nottingham Trent University and Olberon Ltd

Emerging shortlist (image)  

Rotite, a unique fundamental fastening technology

Rotite is a low profile chassis that offers a new approach to fastening, coupling and mechanical connectivity.

Rotite allows genderless connectivity and the combination of technologies, such as electronics, hermetics, pneumatics and more. Development of systems with Rotite can make assemblies simpler, quicker, lighter, leaner and more sustainable.

Rotite Technologies Ltd

Emerging shortlist (image)  


Emerging Technology Design information



Category scope

Entries of innovative emerging technologies are encouraged from R&D departments within industry and academia. Recognition will be given to entries delivering tangible, pioneering and original solutions which address specific needs, offer a new value stream.

Innovations submitted to this category can be the product itself or a specific feature of the product. The product itself may be mass-produced or custom-made. The submitted entry must be in working, marketable condition.

Emerging technology entries are welcomed from all areas of engineering including electronics, telecommunications, transport, manufacturing, power and information technology.

Entries should not include a new and novel application of an established technology.