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Emerging Technology Design


Congratulations to our finalists

The following entries have been shortlisted for the 2014 Emerging Technology Design Innovation Award:

Innovation Awards Emerging Technology Design shortlist (image)

Homecare sensor for early detection of melanoma and breast cancer
Bar Ilan University

We have a unique and patented technology that can be used for healthcare wellness applications of skin and breast cancer monitoring as well as their early detection. This technology was already implemented in a sensor tested in clinical trials and proven as capable of producing a high precision medical sensing.



Your Nymi lets you use your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, allowing you to wirelessly take control of your computer, your smartphone, your car and so much more.


3DEP – 10-second electrophysiology for medicine and biology
DEPtech and University of Surrey

No system using dielectrophoresis to analyse the electrophysiology of cells has ever reached market, leaving ignored this fundamental gap where biology meets physics. Our invention bridges that gap, with remarkable success; for the first time an instrument is available to probe cultured cells or clinical samples, with significant results.


Gesture control armband bridges the gap between humans and machines
Thalmic Labs

Myo is a gesture and motion control armband that measures the electrical activity in your muscles and the motion of your arm to wirelessly control your computer, phone, and other digital technologies. Using EMG sensors and a 9-axis IMU, Myo will transform how you interact with your digital world.


SIMCA algorithm locates landmines by processing ground penetrating radar data
Anand Sengodan and University of Glasgow

A developed algorithm integrated into a vehicular multi array system that transforms the way people live and saves a lot of human lives. This is achieved by producing cleared 3D reconstructions of subsurface targets such as landmines by using novel image processing, computer vision and tomography technology.


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Emerging Technology Design information

All the information about the Emerging Technology Design category can be found here.


Category scope

Entries of innovative emerging technologies are encouraged from R&D departments within industry and academia. Recognition will be given to entries delivering tangible, pioneering and original solutions which address specific needs, offer a new value stream.

Emerging technology entries are welcomed from all areas of engineering including electronics, telecommunications, transport, manufacturing, power and information technology.

Innovations submitted to this category can be the product itself or a specific feature of the product. The product itself may be mass-produced or custom-made. The submitted entry must be in working, marketable condition.

All entries are judged by outside experts chosen from professional consultants, university faculty, and industrial researchers with expertise and experience in the areas they are judging. They must also be unbiased and have no conflicts of interest with any entries they are judging.

Entries should not include a new and novel application of an established technology.