The IET Innovation Awards 2016 (image)

16 November 2016 | The Brewery, London, UK

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Emerging Technology Design


Emerging Technology Design Winner 2016


Emerging 2016 winner (photo)  


World’s first conformable, full-colour, video-rate organic LCD on plastic

FlexEnable has developed a full colour, low-cost, conformable organic LCD (OLCD) display and manufacturing process that will enable new product paradigms across multiple industries including wearables, mobile, automotive and digital signage.


Emerging shortlist (image)  

The judging panel commented:

“The conformable liquid crystal display looks very promising for a wide range of consumer applications, not only to replace present day LCDs but also as a wearable device and a new form of wing mirror for cars. This is top-class innovative technology presented in a clear and professional manner.”


Also shortlisted:


Head up displays using waveguide optics

This space and volume reducing optical technology allows the safety advantages which come with the application of Head Up Displays, common place in military fast jets and commercial airliners, to be applied to smaller airframes such as those for business aviation where the need for visual guidance is greatest.

BAE Systems, Electronic Systems, Rochester

Emerging shortlist (image)  

Non-contact and continuous optical sensor for authentication and bio-sensing

Our unique laser based remote sensing technology extracts heart beating rate and shape (used for authentication), respiration rate and blood pulse pressure. The high performance authentication and the bio-sensing capability of the sensor is obtained based on its capability for highly accurate remote and continuous sensing of the changes in the nano-vibrations associated with the heart beats of the subject positioned within the field of view of the sensor.

ContinUse Biometrics and Bar-Ilan University

Emerging shortlist (image)  

Creating intelligent radiation detection networks to defend against nuclear terrorism

The threat from terrorists of the detonation of a 'dirty bomb', i.e. a device using conventional explosives surrounded by nuclear material, is a very real and emerging problem. Kromek has developed a system that can provide early detection of threat materials which can be networked across a whole urban environment.

Kromek Group plc

Emerging shortlist (image)  

An impact resistant composite using shape memory titanium alloy wires

This is the first commercially viable composite incorporating Shape Memory Alloy for energy absorption. 10% is more than 3 times as resistant to impacts that are a risk to aircraft. 6% will deliver equivalent lightning protection to parasitic materials on the market. It will save weight and fuel in aerospace.


Emerging shortlist (image)  


Emerging Technology Design information


Category scope

Entries of innovative emerging technologies are encouraged from R&D departments within industry and academia. Recognition will be given to entries delivering tangible, pioneering and original solutions which address specific needs, offer a new value stream.

Innovations submitted to this category can be the product itself or a specific feature of the product. The product itself may be mass-produced or custom-made. The submitted entry must be in working, marketable condition.

Emerging technology entries are welcomed from all areas of engineering including electronics, telecommunications, transport, manufacturing, power and information technology.

Entries should not include a new and novel application of an established technology.