The IET Innovation Awards 2015 (image)

18 November 2015 | The Brewery, London, UK


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Healthcare Technologies


Healthcare Technologies Award Winner 2015

Healthcare 2015 winners (photo)

Salurate salivary test for pre-eclampsia
Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd

Salurate is a highly innovative technology which utilises a unique way of testing for pre-eclampsia.

Healthcare shortlist (image)
It uses samples of saliva to test for uric acid levels and is therefore a non-invasive, pain and needle free test which allows pregnant women to test themselves in the comfort of their own home.


The judging panel commented:

"This product is a highly innovative technology in the form of a non-invasive home test kit. Its ease of use and high performance mean that it presents an exciting and unique way of testing for one of the leading causes of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity."



Also shortlisted:

Smartphone device for diabetic tele-monitoring

Our patented 3D-printed probe attaches onto a smartphone adjusting vibration intensity to assess sensation loss. The novel app enables a patient to measure their sensation level which affects 2% of the UK population.

Patients can utilise the device themselves and data is transmitted wirelessly removing travel costs and freeing consultant’s time.

Bournemouth University, Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Healthcare shortlist (image)  

SMARTpack - medication adherence monitoring in the cloud

The SMARTpack™ is a medication adherence monitoring device, which allows the discreet real-time monitoring of a patient’s medication compliance.

Usage data can be monitored from the cloud, ideal if the patient is forgetful, or if a family member or medical professional wishes to monitor the patient discreetly and remotely.

ESL Smart Solutions Ltd

Healthcare shortlist (image)  

ReSound LiNX2™– made for iPhone hearing aid

Featuring breakthrough design and technology, ReSound LiNX2 are smart hearing aids that superbly tackle traditional challenges for the hearing impaired.

They enable direct audio streaming so they work like wireless headphones and include a connected app for on-the-go customisation and control of the user’s hearing experience.

GN ReSound

Healthcare shortlist (image)  

A novel trocar to dramatically reduce keyhole surgery injuries

The initial trocar insertion is the most dangerous aspect of trocar use in keyhole surgeries.

This advanced trocar is a significant improvement on existing products; it utilises the CO2 pressure introduced between the organs and the skin to automatically retract the sharp edge, reducing the risk of causing damage.

Nottingham Trent University and Olberon Ltd

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Healthcare Technologies information



Category scope

Entries to the IET Healthcare Technologies Innovation Award category are welcomed from academic, industrial, clinical, consulting and service organisations which have developed or demonstrated innovative technology in healthcare enabling technology or applications, or for the innovative use of existing technology in health management for assisted living, with for instance, innovations addressing the aging agenda or global health challenges.

Entries can range from research concepts and ideas to technical issues and industrial applications, and are encouraged from, but not limited to, the themes and topics in the following areas:


Professional healthcare

  • Administration
  • Scanning (e.g., CAT scanners) and X-rays
  • Clinical decision support
  • Clinical point of care technology
  • Electronic patient record
  • Health information technology
  • Hygiene and infection control
  • Medication management
  • Patient care and administration
  • Radiology
  • Surgical technology
  • Video and imaging



  • Connected health solutions
  • Health monitoring
  • Patient self-diagnosis devices



  • Medical and healthcare apps – smartphones
  • Medical and healthcare apps – tablet PCs and/or other mobile devices
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)



  • Communications
  • Decision support
  • Emergency services and crisis control
  • Remote monitoring and testing
  • Telecardiology
  • Telenursing
  • Trauma care