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Information Technology


Information Technology Award Winner 2014

Kevin Jenkins, Independent (photo)

Creation of 3D anatomical physical model for surgical purposes

Kevin Jenkins, Independent

Creation of a physical 3D model to be used by orthopaedic surgeons to understand the complex fractures and allow them to evaluate and reconstruct the fracture.


The judging panel commented:

"Using software to extract data from medical scanned images to produce a portable 3D printed image and rotatable model of a complex fracture, this innovation enables the surgeon to see detail not previously possible and medical specialists to collaborate in diagnosis."


Also shortlisted:

MARMO – mobile augmented reality platform for maintenance and operations
Merxius Software pvt Ltd

MARMO is an industrial Augmented Reality platform that aids in maintenance and operation tasks of complex machines and mechanical systems. Under the "augmented manual" mode, it provides timely and context sensitive maintenance data while under "remote expert" mode, it allows remote experts to collaborate with on-field technicians.


Passport – Very long range real time tracking system
S3 ID Ltd and Ubisense plc

Passport allows real time tracking of up to 2000 people every 10 seconds over thousands of square kilometres. This creates huge amounts of data and to handle this, a new innovative communications protocol has been developed. This device is to be used in the hazardous areas of the petrochemical industry.


mKRISHI® fisheries – ICT innovation for safe and environmental friendly fishing
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) and Mumbai Research Centre

mKRISHI fisheries is a local lanugage mobile service offering PFZ, wind and wave alerts to fishermen. This service when piloted in 13 fishermen societies in Raigad (MH) led to 30-40% increase in fish catch in PFZ area and 30-50% reduction in diesel consumption and no causality during the rough sea seasons.


SIMCA algorithm locates landmines by processing ground penetrating radar data
Anand Sengodan and University of Glasgow

A developed algorithm integrated into a vehicular multi array system that transforms the way people live and saves a lot of human lives. This is achieved by producing cleared 3D reconstructions of subsurface targets such as landmines by using novel image processing, computer vision and tomography technology.


Information Technology information

All the information about the Information Technology category can be found here.


Category scope

Information Technology has become much broader in scope than the traditional view of computing. Today, Information Technology is concerned with the development of applications to transform the way people work and live.

This is often achieved by integrating data from diverse external data sources with other local data to derive new information to inform, control and prioritise the activities of the users of those applications.  Networks have become more sophisticated, databases more powerful and applications more accessible as end user devices become more appealing and easy to use.

Entries to the Information Technology category are welcomed from research, development, demonstration or early life phases of a new idea.

We want to hear about innovations that are clearly capable of commercial exploitation, or have valuable industrial application, or demonstrate advances in application development productivity, application security and reliability, or IT operations. It is important that the commercial potential, or advantages for society at large, can be demonstrated.

The Information Technology Award category welcomes nominations from (but is not limited to) projects that demonstrate:

  • IT efficiency

Innovations which demonstrate that products (software and hardware) work better and that application development becomes faster, more reliable and more secure.  We welcome entries across the spectrum from green computing initiatives to technical excellence.

  • Business efficiency

Innovations which demonstrate improved business process performance, customer service excellence or supplier management efficiency.

  • Information security

Innovations which demonstrate IT security with reference to access, authorisation, protection, preservation and rights; across the infrastructure. With increasing threats from cyber intrusion, innovations that address this significant challenge will be welcomed.

  • Big data / data handling, data management, data mining and data accessibility

Innovations which demonstrate smart data storage solutions, powerful data analysis and novel public  data access and applications of this information (my data vs our data vs your data).

  • Infrastructure transformation leading to societal advantage

Innovative R&D projects where benefits to society/humankind were built into the initial ‘raison d’être’, for instance projects to assist developing countries embrace mobile technology, or projects to help people with disabilities of some kind, projects being undertaken by charities and charitable trusts.

For example, this would be open to both the sponsoring organisations and the technology providers they have partnered with. Solutions delivering business value by addressing and simplifying complexity, particularly in the areas of deploying services. This could be a solution which challenges the economics of operating a data centre.

Submissions can also be entered to show advancements in the use of computing technology, computer control systems or new paradigms for computer systems (for example cloud computing, integration with broadcast technology or social networking).