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Intelligent Systems


Intelligent Systems Award Winner 2014

Arrow Electronics, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., the Air Force Research Laboratory, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and Falci Adaptive Motorsports (photo)

SAM project

Arrow Electronics, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., the Air Force Research Laboratory, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and Falci Adaptive Motorsports

The SAM (semi-autonomous motorcar) Project is an innovative project in which a 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray car has been modified with integrated advanced electronics and a human-to-machine interface so a qualified quadriplegic driver can safely operate it under racetrack conditions.


The judging panel commented:

"The semi-autonomous motorcar gave a quadriplegic individual, and potentially other disabled race drivers the opportunity to drive a race car at speed on a race track.

"The project demonstrates that anything is possible with the right technology and the judges were impressed by the impact on the quality of life of this innovation."


Also shortlisted:

Design for a bathroom product to reduce water wastage and the solution it provides to a real environmental concern
Coflo Innovation Ltd

Showering and bathing is the biggest drain on water resources in the home. The Coflo Eco Shower helps homeowners to save water via an engineering solution in the shower fitting, which collects and recycles water that would otherwise be wasted.


Heathrow cross border arrival management (XMAN)

XMAN exchanges arrival information relating to aircraft landing at Heathrow airport with air traffic controllers in different European countries, enabling collaboration to reduce the time aircraft spend circling in ‘holding stacks’ around London by slowing aircraft at high level some 350 nautical miles away saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions.


The InSmart Artificial Pancreas
Renfrew Group and De Montfort University

The InSmart Artificial Pancreas is the result of a collaboration between designers at Renfrew Group and scientists at De Montfort University. The pancreas is an implantable device with the potential to end multiple insulin injections for sufferers of Type 1 diabetes.


Dr Rho – Medical telepresence robot
VYS Laboratories Pvt Ltd and Vyas Labs

Dr Rho is a medical tele-presence robot with a robotic base with human environment maneuverability and a set of robotic manipulators, together with telemedicine modalities of stethoscope, blood pressure, temperature, ECG and pulse-oximetry. It provides the doctors’ intuitive vision system, as the robot's eyes turn as the doctor moves his head.


Intelligent Systems information

All the information about the Intelligent Systems category can be found here.


Category scope

This category recognises excellence in the development of ‘intelligent systems’, the new wave of embedded and real-time systems that are typically highly connected, have massive processing power, and perform complex functions that are often safety-critical or mission critical. These systems are found across industry sectors, from automotive, rail, aerospace and defence to energy, healthcare, telecoms and consumer electronics. The ‘Intelligent Systems’ category covers technologies that are designed to fulfil a commercial need. Entries are invited for technologies at any stage of development and should demonstrate innovation in:

  • Automating and enhancing the execution of complex and demanding tasks
  • Derive new value from connectivity, either connecting Human-Machine or Machine-Machine
  • Enabling and assuring the safe, secure and dependable operation of systems and enterprises

Technologies submitted for adjudication in this category may meet more than one of these criteria.

The judges will be particular interested in innovations in the disciplines and competences that apply to intelligent systems, namely:

  • Systems engineering, including system architecture, real-time systems and model-based technology
  • Software engineering, from hard real-time systems to enterprise-wide critical applications (excluding Information Technology)
  • Hardware and electronics engineering, including silicon and board design
  • Safety engineering, introducing innovative safety-critical systems, or advances in the techniques and methods of demonstrating and managing safety
  • Security engineering, introducing secure embedded systems, or advances in the techniques and methods of demonstrating and managing security


Altran Foundation for Innovation

The sponsor of this category, Altran, runs its own awards programme through the Altran Foundation for Innovation, which promotes technological innovation for human benefit. Entries for the ‘Intelligent Systems’ category of the IET Innovation Awards that promote the common good will also qualify for entry into the 2014 Altran UK Foundation Award programme.

The award winners benefit from high-tech engineering consultancy support for their project from the Altran Group, at no cost. For further information about the Altran Foundation for Innovation and the benefits for winners, please visit: