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Measurement in Action


Measurement in Action Award Winner 2014

University of Tasmania, Imperial College London, Natural History Museum, Lakehead University and AMIRA International (photo)

Laser ablation analysis for enhanced discovery of buried mineral resources

University of Tasmania, Imperial College London, Natural History Museum, Lakehead University and AMIRA International

An analytical and data interpretation methodology that can be used to detect the presence of mineral deposits buried in rocks beneath the surface of the Earth by measuring the trace element fingerprint of minerals formed at the time of mineralisation.


The judging panel commented:

"This entry has used clever integration of different technologies to provide a new analytical tool for mineral prospecting.

"It demonstrates excellent innovation and has the potential to reduce the environmental impact and energy cost of mineral exploration."


Also shortlisted:

Video gauge (for civil engineering structural monitoring applications)
Imetrum Ltd

Video gauge provides a revolutionary solution to the measurement and monitoring of large civil engineering & geotechnical structures. This allows efficient maintenance strategies to be developed and a better understanding of performance when problems are identified. Overall this results in safer working practices and substantial saving in time and cost.

Eimo – The instant vital signs monitor
iMonSys Ltd, Triteq Ltd and University of Hull

The Eimo uses innovative sensors to measure a person’s vital signs, instantly feeding this information wirelessly to a visual display, without the need for invasive testing. Developed in two versions for medical or home use, this will enable better monitoring of existing ailments and to alert to changes in health.

Near real-time event recognition system for water distribution systems
United Utilities and the Centre for Water Systems University of Exeter

The innovative event recognition system effectively enables water distribution systems (WDS) monitoring/diagnosis/management by using near real-time pressure/flow data. It represents a pioneering artificial intelligence based system for the exploitation of WDS measurements that brings substantial improvements to the water industry’s network management processes with resulting large economic and social/sustainability benefits.

N-Visage – making radioactive contamination visible

The N-Visage system enables true three dimensional imaging of radioactivity for the first time. The system is being used to help decommission the UK's nuclear legacy, and is also being used to explore and regain entry to the damaged reactors at Fukushima in Japan.


Measurement in Action information

All the information about the Measurement in Action category can be found here.


Category scope

Entries to the IET Measurement in Action Innovation Award category are welcomed from (but not limited to) engineers innovating in the areas of:

  • Sensing
  • Control
  • Monitoring and diagnosis by the novel application of measurement science and technology
  • Novel measurement systems or instrument design
  • Novel applications of measurement
  • Improvement of industrial processes or products by measurement
  • The use of measurement in areas with large economic or social impact

Entries will be assessed for the level of innovation shown, the thoroughness with which ideas have been pursued, the economic or social benefits involved, and the degree to which the work has pioneered a significant new field or activity.