The IET Innovation Awards 2015 (image)

18 November 2015 | The Brewery, London, UK


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Navigation and Surveillance Communications

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Navigation and Surveillance Communications Award Winner 2015

Navigation 2015 winners (photo)

The Polariton Interferometer – a novel inertial navigation system
Dr Fred Moxley

The Polariton Interferometer was developed as a novel inertial navigation system, exemplifying navigation and surveillance communications. Current technologies require signals from a complex satellite and ground station network to correct measurement errors.

Navigation shortlist (image)
The Polariton Interferometer provides orientation information in a compact device design, allowing vehicles to operate independently of signals.


The judging panel commented:

"The sheer novelty and disruptive nature of this entry really attracted the attention of the judges.

"This technology has the potential to revolutionise global navigation, with consequent impact on numerous other applications."



Also shortlisted:

Time based separation – delivering innovative algorithms into safety related environments

Time Based Separation is a world first Air Traffic Management tool used at Heathrow Airport to optimise landing rate.

It performs time critical functions that enable significant delay reductions to the airport, airlines and passengers. It represents a significant enhancement to service delivery within our industry, driven by our customers.

NATS & Lockheed Martin

Navigation shortlist (image)  

Multi-constellation, multi-frequency PRS receiver

The innovation is a next generation robust satellites navigation receiver, able to track satellites from multiple systems (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou) simultaneously on multiple different frequencies, including the encrypted Galileo Public Regulated Service.

The signal diversity ensures that users have high continuity of access to accurate position and time.


Navigation shortlist (image)  

COunter Piracy Effective Readiness on Naval InComing Objects (COPERNICO)

The innovation concerns an anti-piracy function for maritime navigation in critical areas based on the analysis and tracking of targets.

The system takes into account different information sources to provide to the final user a secure navigation channel managed by coastal centres.

Selex ES - A Finmeccanica Company

Navigation shortlist (image)  

Carbonite imaging systems - changing the economics of video from space

Carbonite imaging systems provides on demand high resolution images and video of user-selected Earth locations from space via an intuitive App.

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd

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Navigation and Surveillance Communications information



Category scope

We welcome technology innovations which deliver significant improvements in communication navigation systems architectures for marine, aerospace, rail, automotive and road transport and satellite.

This category welcomes innovations in:

  • Radar systems - automotive, aerospace (aircraft, UAVs, air traffic control)
  • Navigation systems - automotive, aerospace, marine
  • Avoidance warning/control systems - marine, automotive, aerospace (air traffic control, UAV, aircraft)
  • Airport services and management systems, air traffic management (including decision making support), civil systems - emergency mode decision support (Aerospace, Air Traffic Control)



  • UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles)
  • UASs (unmanned aircraft systems)
  • Surveillance and situational awareness
  • Air defence, electronic warfare / information operations, warfare command decision tools
  • Airport services and management systems, air traffic management (including decision making support), civil systems - emergency mode decision support
  • Air traffic management


Automotive and Road Transport Systems

  • Vehicle-highway communication, transport flow modelling / highway management
  • In-car information systems road user identification and tracking (e.g. number plate reading, pedestrian recognition, speed cameras etc)


Autonomous vehicles

  • Avoidance warning
  • Control systems



  • Radar systems
  • Sonar systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Avoidance warning / control systems
  • Ship board power systems



  • Improving railway safety systems
  • Facilitating interoperability
  • Journey planning, ticketing systems



  • Earth Observation technologies
  • Military satellite communications (MilSatComs)