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Power / Energy


Power / Energy Award Winner 2014

EA Technology Ltd (photo)

CableSniffer™ saves UK operators £154 million per year on LV faults

EA Technology Ltd

Latest figures show that EA Technology’s CableSniffer™ instrument is saving UK network operators at least £154 million every year by transforming the way they locate underground Low Voltage (LV) cable faults. Now the latest version of this innovative and unique instrument is about to go global.


The judging panel commented:

"The CableSniffer detects gases from the faulty part of the cable and has provided significant improvement in cable fault finding with less disruption to the environment and substantial benefit to end-users.

"Success has been seen in the wide adoption of the product by UK Distribution Network Operators."


Also shortlisted:

InSwitch – novel electronic device for induction motor performance improvement
OptiSigma - Energia & Ambiente, Lda. and University of Coimbra

InSwitch is an ultra-compact, self-powered, electronic device that reduces the energy consumption and improves the power factor of variable-torque fixed-speed squirrel-cage induction motors (SCIMs), by means of a novel load-based stator-winding connection-mode management technique. It also performs optimised motor soft-starting and advanced motor protection and fault diagnosis.


GasPTi – improving natural gas pipeline safety and energy metering
Orbital Gas Systems Ltd and CUI Global

New, patented gas sampling, conditioning and inferential gas analysis has improved international gas pipeline operations by more accurate energy accounting, eliminating potential sample probe failure and ensuring fast and accurate gas sample collection, delivery and analysis.


VE technology sample system eliminating process analysis & measurement uncertainty
Orbital Global Solutions and Endet

The VE sample system is an innovative new design which provides an unaltered sample for an instrument to analyse or measure for industrial processes. The advanced technology is beneficial for energy measurement, control in process for power and energy and above all increased safety for applications in power and energy.


IntelliRupter® PulseCloser
S&C Electric Europe Ltd

S&C’s IntelliRupter® PulseCloser is a breakthrough in overhead distribution system protection. It’s a unique alternative to conventional auto-reclosers. IntelliRupter is a ground breaking design to accommodate advanced distribution automation functions, including S&C’s self-healing, scalable IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System — a universal Smart Grid solution offering unmatched interoperability.


Power / Energy information

All the information about the Power / Energy category can be found here.


Category scopes

Entries to the IET Power / Energy Innovation Award category are welcomed from all organisations: universities, clients, consulting engineers, contractors, suppliers and component manufacturers.

The Power / Energy Award category welcomes innovations where development has reached the stage where its potential has been clearly identified. Submission may include any innovation associated with Power (Energy) and its uses such as:

  • Generation: nuclear reaction, hydro, gas, steam, wave, wind
  • Transmission and distribution: continental, national, regional, industrial
  • Storage: battery, capacitance, carbon capture, flywheel, grid storage, thermal mass
  • Conversion: motion, heat, cold, electromagnetic field
  • Consumption: availability, efficiency, safety, cost effectiveness, power quality improvement
  • Measurement: instrumentation, control, management, recording, inspection, monitoring, smart meters