The IET Innovation Awards 2015 (image)

18 November 2015 | The Brewery, London, UK


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Start-up Award Winner 2015

Start-up 2015 winners (photo)

Transforming sunshine into drinking water

Desolenator is the most sustainable and affordable household solution to solve the world’s impending water crisis.

The product purifies and desalinates all forms of water, it has a long lifespan of 20 years, provides 15L of water per day and requires very little maintenance.

Start-up shortlist (image)


The judging panel commented:

"Desolenator was the clear-cut winner in this year's start-up category, with all the judges agreeing that it is a highly innovative and elegant solution which addresses a pressing need faced by millions of people around the world."



Also shortlisted:

Efficiency advantages of silicon carbide for the price of silicon

Anvil has developed patented technology that enables the fabrication of efficient silicon carbide devices for the same cost as silicon devices; today they are 10x the price.

According to IHS the market for such devices is more than $4bn by 2020. We already have traction from major semiconductor companies.

Anvil Semiconductors

Start-up shortlist (image)  

Zero-emission liquid-nitrogen-powered transport refrigeration system

Dearman’s zero-emission transport refrigeration system for the booming temperature-controlled logistics market will deliver operational savings and environmental benefit.

Diesel-powered transport refrigeration units consume up to 20% of a truck’s diesel and emit high quantities of harmful pollutants. Dearman’s alternative emits zero emissions and delivers well-to-wheel CO2 savings of 20%-40%.


Start-up shortlist (image)  

Low-cost pressure and shear sensing insoles for health and sports

The 'wearable device' you do not need to put on: shoe insoles measuring forces such as pressure and shear have been developed to prevent amputations among diabetic patients, aid in stroke or accident rehabilitation, and improve performance and prevent injury among everyday athletes.

HCi Viocare

Start-up shortlist (image)  

Design and fabrication of smart robots

This product can be taken forward as a unique start-up idea as it incorporates a simple yet innovative combination of two modes of assistance, which is both aerial and ground , in terms of navigation, surveillance and arm manipulation.

Heriot Watt University Dubai Campus

Start-up shortlist (image)  


Start-up information



Category scope

Entries to the IET Start-up Innovation Award are welcomed from engineering start-ups which can demonstrate that they have solved a worthwhile problem and achieved early commercial traction.

We want to hear about the problem that you have addressed the technical novelty and innovation of your solution, and how this will significantly change the world for the better.

Please describe how your market is evolving, who your competitors are, significant technical challenges that you have overcome, and how your innovative start-up stands out from the crowd.

The judges particularly want to see evidence that you have got beyond the “idea” stage and have evidence demonstrating that the rest of the world sees value in what you are doing.


What’s a Start-up?

For this competition the key criteria are that the company:

  • Thinks of itself as a start-up
  • Is pursuing a business model which should be highly scalable, i.e. to grow fast
  • Is disruptive of the status-quo
  • Is still developing very rapidly - and probably its market is too
  • Is less than five years from inception
  • May or may not be profitable


New for 2015

In conjunction with the Innovation Warehouse, the winner of the Start-up category will be offered 8 hours of mentoring with one of their mentors and angel investors, to be used over the course of two months.

These 8 hours of support include email, mobile calls, Skype and meetings at Innovation Warehouse. (Value of £1,000)