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Congratulations to our finalists

The following entries have been shortlisted for the 2014 Sustainability Innovation Award:

Innovation Awards Sustainability shortlist (image)

First ever dedicated electric piston as alternative to pneumatic pistons
Direct Thrust Designs Ltd

A new form of electric piston as an alternative to air pistons. The Direct Thrust "ElectroPiston" provides smooth continuous thrust, the same as an air piston, but eliminates the need for air compressors.


Compressed air battery system (CAB)
Flow Battery Ltd and National Grid

The Compressed Air Battery unit uses compressed air to generate electricity. This electricity can be supplied at a wide range of voltages and as both alternating current and direct current.


Dynamic demand – building a demand-side power station
Open Energi

Open Energi has developed a globally unique patented solution known as Dynamic Demand which integrates with electrical devices to create a demand-side power station, helping National Grid to balance electricity supply and demand, displace fossil fuel peaking plants and provide electricity storage for renewable power sources.


Sure Chill technology – sustainable refrigeration
The Sure Chill Company

Sure Chill technology provides sustainable refrigeration in areas where intermittent power supplies exist, and will be instrumental to cutting energy usage in the developed and the developing world. It has the potential to improve the lives of people globally by safeguarding food, drinks and vaccines to the point of delivery.


Xeros bead cleaning system
Xeros Technology Group plc

The Xeros Bead Cleaning System cleans clothes using patented nylon polymer beads. The reusable and recyclable polymer beads replace most of the water used in the laundry process, saving up to 80% water, 50% energy and 50% detergent, thereby giving a more environmentally friendly and sustainable method of washing fabrics.


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Sustainability information

All the information about the Sustainability category can be found here.


Category scope

The IET Sustainability Innovation Award is open to any and all innovations in fields of engineering, science and technology that demonstrate a contribution to sustainability.

Entries for projects, processes, products and initiatives are welcomed either from individuals, small teams or organisations (both engineers and non engineers) that are both innovative in nature and sustainable from a resource perspective. The entry can cover an entirely new concept or the development of an existing process or product to provide a sustainable approach.

All sustainable development is by definition innovative in that it introduces a new way of "meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs".
(Source: Brundtland report. UN commission on Environment and Development )

The recognition and reward associated with becoming a finalist in this category is significant as it has the potential to impact on our lives and those of future generations.