The IET Innovation Awards 2017 (image)

15 November 2017 | The Brewery, London, UK


2015 winners


Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 IET Innovation Awards:


Asset Management

Exchange maintenance planning
BT plc

Researched and developed AI capabilities to forecast demand and plan the deployment of field resources to deliver networked-based services and maintain BT’s exchange infrastructure.

Asset Management shortlist (image)
These capabilities are in operational use and have led to service and productivity improvements. We have disseminated the innovation through research publications with our university collaborators.

Built Environment

Audible noise assessment of high-temperature low-sag ACCR conductor
National Grid Electricity Transmission, The University of Manchester and 3M

High-temperature low-sag (HTLS) overhead line conductors enable higher power transfer from existing overhead line routes, allowing National Grid to utilise existing high voltage transmission infrastructure more efficiently.

Built Environment shortlist (image)
The Aluminium Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR) conductor achieves this whilst addressing electrical discharge and audible noise challenges associated with some types of HTLS conductor.


Molecular communications for nano-scale applications
University of Warwick and York University, Canada

Molecular communications is an emerging bio-inspired wireless technology that can prove to be superior to current wireless systems in complex and nano-scale environments.

Communications shortlist (image)
This is achieved by embedding information in the altered property of chemical molecules.

Emerging Technology Design

The Aeristech electric supercharger “eSupercharger” for extreme automotive engine downsizing
Aeristech Ltd

Any engine fitted with an Aeristech eSupercharger, powered by an electric motor of Aeristech’s invention, has the performance of an engine of twice its size with half the fuel consumption and emissions.

Emerging shortlist (image)

Healthcare Technologies

Salurate salivary test for pre-eclampsia
Morgan Innovation and Technology Ltd

Salurate is a highly innovative technology which utilises a unique way of testing for pre-eclampsia.

Healthcare shortlist (image)
It uses samples of saliva to test for uric acid levels and is therefore a non-invasive, pain and needle free test which allows pregnant women to test themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Information Technology

Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training (DSALT) facility

Traditional military simulators have been swept aside and replaced by the targeted and innovative application of commercial virtual computing technology.

Information shortlist (image)
Drawing on the banking and commercial sectors, the service is delivering a high resilience synthetic training environment to UK armed forces, preparing them for the complexities of combat operations.

Intelligent Systems

Recycling wasted vehicular kinetic energy to power intelligent energy systems
Energy Intelligence, Inc.

The road-mounted energy-harvesting system introduces a new source of clean distributed-energy to high-traffic facilities, by harnessing the wasted kinetic energy of braking vehicles.

Intelligent shortlist (image)
With embedded sensors, wireless technology and real-time analytics, the system collects, monitors and transmits data and creates valuable insights about operations, traffic flows and safety concerns.

Manufacturing Technology

Picsima – The world’s first 3D printer of silicone
Fripp Design and Research

Picsima is a breakthrough technology in 3D printing. It’s the first 3D printer capable of 3D printing commercial grade silicone i.e. approved for use in industry/medical applications.

Manufacturing shortlist (image)
Picsima simply creates the geometry in 3D saving time, money; allowing for the creation of new geometrical parts that cannot be moulded.

Measurement in Action

Quasi-static magnetic measurements for security applications /contraband detection in prisons
Metrasens Ltd

A novel security detector based on magnetic detection has been developed and is proving to be a commercial success internationally.

Measurement shortlist (image)
It addresses the major problem of finding illegal mobile phones in prisons as well as for fighting gun and knife crime and protecting public buildings.

Model-Based Engineering

Funnel – simulations to reality

We decided to take a simulation based approach to design a high speed system for 25kV electrification for railway tunnels in UK.

Model shortlist (image)
This has been a first of its kind exercise for tunnel electrification in UK to design, verify through simulation and apply the results to realise the final outcome.

Navigation & Surveillance Communications

The Polariton Interferometer – a novel inertial navigation system
Dr Fred Moxley

The Polariton Interferometer was developed as a novel inertial navigation system, exemplifying navigation and surveillance communications. Current technologies require signals from a complex satellite and ground station network to correct measurement errors.

Navigation shortlist (image)
The Polariton Interferometer provides orientation information in a compact device design, allowing vehicles to operate independently of signals.

Power / Energy

Energy from waste plant using innovative advanced thermal technology
Chinook Sciences Ltd

The innovative Chinook technology is commercially proven as a renewable energy generation and metal recycling technology, operating commercially since 2000 with a spotless environmental record.

Power shortlist (image)
The new Oldbury plant has started to generate green electricity from waste and recover clean metals for recycling that would previously been sent to landfill.


Transforming sunshine into drinking water

Desolenator is the most sustainable and affordable household solution to solve the world’s impending water crisis.

Start-up shortlist (image)
The product purifies and desalinates all forms of water, it has a long lifespan of 20 years, provides 15L of water per day and requires very little maintenance.


Transforming sunshine into drinking water

Desolenator is the most affordable and sustainable residential water purification and desalination system on the market (removing 99% of all contaminants).

Sustainability shortlist (image)
It produces 15L of drinking water per day, runs on solar energy alone, lasts 20 years and requires little to no maintenance.


Time based separation – delivering innovative algorithms into safety related environments
NATS & Lockheed Martin

Time Based Separation is a world first Air Traffic Management tool used at Heathrow Airport to optimise landing rate. It performs time critical functions that enable significant delay reductions to the airport, airlines and passengers.

Transport shortlist (image)
It represents a significant enhancement to service delivery within our industry, driven by our customers.