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Maritime Surveillance from Space

6 December 2012 | IET London: Savoy Place




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"Satellite AIS is a relatively new technology that in a few short years of operation has already changed the face of global maritime surveillance - but this is just the beginning.


"The integration of S-AIS data with other space-based sensor data, such as radar and optical imagery, will revolutionise our ability to monitor the world’s oceans across a multitude of applications including environmental protection, law enforcement, maritime traffic monitoring and fisheries control.


"This seminar aims to examine the technologies and challenges behind S-AIS, review other innovative space-based surveillance capabilities and get a user’s perspective on the value and future challenges and opportunities created by the integration of these multiple space-based surveillance systems."

- John Yates, Satellite Communications Consultant, Chair of the IET Satellite Systems & Applications Executive Committee


Improving the recognised maritime picture has been a subject of an increasing interest from a variety of users including military, law enforcement, environmental agencies, sea fright carriers or offshore oil and gas industries.


The IET technical seminar on Maritime Surveillance from Space will discuss implications of new space-based capabilities to collect, store and process information on the maritime environment. Major technologies including space-based AIS and SAR will be covered, with a detailed focus on the key challenges like payload design challenges or interference mitigation.


Data collection and fusion capabilities are of critical importance in the maritime surveillance environment so this seminar will also be looking at the integration of different satellite data streams (optical, radar, S-AIS, LRIT) with conventional ship reporting systems (AIS, VMS coastal radar/VTS).


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