Maritime Surveillance from Space (Image)

Maritime Surveillance from Space

6 December 2012 | IET London: Savoy Place




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Chaired by: John Yates, Satellite Communications Consultant, Chair of the IET Satellite Systems & Applications Executive Committee.


Improving the UK maritime security and maritime domain awareness

Neil Palmer, Maritime ISTAR Capabilities Advisor, DSTL, UK


NATO maritime situation awareness

  • Maritime Situation Awareness (MSA) as defined by NATO
  • The building blocks of MSA
  • The way to MSA
  • Fusion of data
  • The challenges
  • Summary

Leif Hansson, Staff Officer Operational Capability Concept Evaluation and Feedback, HQ MC Northwood, UK


Future satellite surveillance capabilities to enhance recognised maritime picture

  • Vessel and Container Surveillance (VESCOSUR) - scientific and technical support to EU policies in the field of maritime surveillance
  • Better affordability through international coordination and collaboration including re-use and sharing of commercial data (C-SIGMA initiative)
  • Further development of concepts of how to integrate space-based surveillance data from various sources and with maritime surveillance data from other platforms, e.g. UAVs

Harm Greidanus, Scientific Project Officer, European Commission - Joint Research Centre (JRC)


Space-based AIS detection of vessels

  • Anomaly detection and threat warning on fused cooperative and non-cooperative data
  • Establishing a capacity for ship detection through localisation of radio frequency emissions in a non-military context, including validation of AIS transmissions
  • Better accessibility to the use of space-based data by more streamlined IT systems and global standards, interoperability and commercial conditions of use

John Allan, VP Sales & Marketing, exactEarth Ltd


Technical challenges in designing AIS payload technology

  • The key technical challenges of detecting AIS signals from space
  • A description of the exact View-1 satellite’s AIS payload equipment (receiver and 5 W C-band downlink Tx)
  • Key features of the receiver  and how it tackles the technical challenges of AIS reception in space

Adrian Nash, Chief Engineer, ComDev Europe Ltd, UK


A European hybrid high performance satellite AIS system

Remi Challamel, Maritime Surveillance IT System Business Development, Thales Alenia Space, France


EMSA’s integrated maritime data environment - a tool for improved maritime awareness

  • Introduction to the EMSA operational services
  • Integrated maritime data and services through the IMDatE platform
  • Maritime data collection, fusion and correlation

Justino De Sousa, Senior Project Officer, Integrated Maritime Data, Satellite Based Monitoring Services, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)


NOVASAR-S UK space radar project: new maritime surveillance services

Stuart Eves, Lead Mission Concepts Engineer, SSTL, UK


Developing SAR payload technology for the NOVASAR-S project

David J Q Carter, Head of Instrument Systems Engineering, Astrium, UK


The PAZ satellite: data fusion capabilities for maritime surveillance from space

Juan Ignacio Cicuendez-Perez, Earth Observation Services & S-AIS, Hisdesat, Spain

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