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The IET Seminar on Military Satellite Communications

14 June 2013 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Welcome to IET Milsatcoms 2013, a unique technical seminar on the future of the UK military satellite communications. Nowhere else you will find such a good balance of relevant topics presented in just one day by key figures in the defence sector.


This high-profile meeting will provide you with a wider understanding of technical and operational drivers influencing the growth of military satellite communications in the UK.



Register now if you want to stay on top of the latest Milsatcom trends and learn how emerging user requirements can be met through the capabilities available in the satellite commercial arena and beyond.


A must-attend event for anyone requiring unbiased technical content and ready to move towards next generation of Milsatcom.


Find out more about the seminar.

Andy Rayner (photo)

A note from the seminar chairman

"Military Satellite Communications are a critical enabler for armed forces in providing the information superiority so fundamental to operational success.

"Through a mix of speakers from the military, industry and academia, this technical seminar will examine how world-leading engineering design provides solutions that combat threats, both natural and from potential adversaries, to ensure that the requirements of our armed forces can be met."

Commander Andy Rayner
SO1 Network Services, JFC C4ISR Capability, UK MOD


IET London: Savoy Place tour

Vitali Vitaliev takes a tour of Savoy Place with Anne Locker, one of the IET archivists, before the building is closed as part of a major renovation project.

View the Savoy Place History video on the E&T website.

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