Mountbatten Lecture (image)

20 November 2014 | Royal Institution, UK

Sir John O'Reilly (photo)

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Sir John O’Reilly delivered this year's Mountbatten Lecture at the Royal Institution. The lecture advocated adoption of a wider acronym - STEAM, or science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.


Sir John argued that engineers should embrace the arts as being key to creativity and an important component of innovation, crucial to creating new products and boosting future competitiveness.


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The Mountbatten Memorial Lecture was streamed live as a webcast on 20 November 2014.






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Mountbatten lecture - History

In 1978, the National Electronics Council instituted an annual prestige lecture and the first lecture was given by The Earl Mountbatten of Burma...




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The Mountbatten Lecture on Thursday 20 November 2014 was streamed live as a webcast and is available to view on the lecture webcast page.


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