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IET Present around the World (PATW) Competition

An opportunity for Young Professionals to win cash prizes, develop their skills and network with peers

Winners and Finalists


Present around the World Global final 2014

Five regional finalists participated in a very competitive competition at the IET awards ceremony in London on 19 November 2014, hosted by Steve Mould, science presenter and comedian..


Image of Sudeshna with William Webb Image of Matthew Brown Presenting


Sudeshna Saha won the Global Final after competing in the Kolkata Network competition, then in the South Asia Regional Final. The runner-up was Matthew Brown who first competed in the New South Wales Network competition, then in the Australia National final and subsequently won the Asia Pacific Regional Final. They were awarded a cash prize of £1,000 and £500 respectively.


Image of Faheema Baksh Presenting Image of Emma O'Mara Presenting
Image of Laura Barrabia-Gil Presenting Image of Group PATW awards

Sudeshna Saha - Global PATW Winner 2014 

  Image of Sudeshna Saha

South Asia

Sudeshna's  presentation was on Scientific breakthroughs in batteries - the super-powered batteries and jelly batteries (PDF) which you can watch online here.

Sudeshna Saha is studying her final year of electrical engineering at Techno India University, Kolkata. She is a student member of the Kolkata Local Network. She is particularly interested in electrical machinery, electrical power system and power electronics.



Brief synopsis for Global finalists 2014

  Image of Matthew Brown

Asia Pacific - Regional finalist

Matthew Brown graduated from University of New South Wales in June, 2014 with honours in Electrical Engineering and majored in Digital Signal Processing.

He is currently a software engineer at BAE Systems Australia and hopes to combine his engineering skills with his passion for music.

 Matthew is presenting on Polyphonic Music Transcription (PDF) and you can watch it online here.


  Image of Faheema Baksh

Americas - Regional finalist

Faheema Baksh recently graduated from the University of the West Indies with a First Class Honours BSc in Mechanical Engineering.  Both her parents are engineers and inspired and encouraged her to pursue a degree in engineering. Faheema has always been passionate about understanding how things work. She approaches each academic task as an opportunity to improve herself and is able to inspire others in her team. 

She is currently working at Methanex Trinidad Ltd , following an internship there as part of the Asset Reliability Team. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Engineering Asset Management part time. 

Faheema's presentation is on Biomass Briquettes (PDF) and you can watch it online here.


  Image of Laura Barrabia-Gil

Europe, Middle East and Africa - Regional finalist

Laura has just graduated from Polytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC), where she studied  Industrial Engineering . Whilst studying she helped organise the annual career fair hosted by ETSEIB, UPC Barcelona, which aims to create a bridge between the academic and business world. She has volunteered as a mentor to several international students. Laura was a finalist in the Jumping Talent in Madrid competition, organized by Universia. Laura  is currently in the final year of her degree at ETH Zurich, pursuing her interest in sustainability and renewable energies.

Laura aims to help the Switzerland Local Network to promote IET activities, events and the PATW competition to students from Swiss universities.

 Laura's presentation asks the question From algae to biofuels - how is that possible?  (PDF) and you can watch it online here.


  Image of Emma O'Mara

United Kingdom - Regional finalist

Emma O'Mara graduated with a First Class Masters in Chemistry from the University of York in 2010.  After her first year Emma  undertook a summer placement with DML, now Babcock, which culminated in her winning sponsorship for her remaining three years of University and a Year in Industry Placement with Babcock.

The initial two years of training prepared her for the role of Vanguard Class Facility Health Physicist. She is currently responsible for the Radiation Protection on-board the Vanguard Class Submarine in dock, the Support Facilities and the Refuel Facilities. She is also responsible for the management of the Health Physics Monitors and Shift Leaders who provide reassurance that radiation protection controls are in place and for the radiation protection competence of her staff and the wider Babcock Health Physics workforce. She designs and  delivers training courses to ensure a high standard of knowledge and skills throughout.

Emma is presenting on Decontamination of Personnel (PDF) and you can watch it online here.

Present around the World Local Network Winners and Runners-up 2013/14



Local Network



Anglian Coastal (Northern)  Joshua Naylor  Peter Harb
Anglian Coastal (Southern)  Michael le Rossignol  Leesha Amanna
Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire  Edwin Bowden-Peters  -
Birmingham  Ziyad Yehia  Jake Yeomans
Bristol  Charlotte Godley  Campbell McFadden
Coventry  Michael Basford  Haidin Rashid
Devon and Cornwall  Emma O'Mara  Stephen Turner
Dorset and South Wiltshire  Mike Dodd  Lawrence Wilkinson
London  Sava Emmanuel Conomos  Robert Woodward
Manchester  Jashen Teh  Andrea Ballenti
Mersey and Western Cheshire  Faith Mangwanya  -
North Scotland  Edward Hac  Jacob Lamb
North West Midlands  Efosa Osakue  -
North Wales  Shao Heung Tneh  -
Somerset and West Wiltshire  Yewande Gbadegesin  -
South East Scotland  Oliver Paul  Nathan Edge
South West Scotland  Fraser Ewan Callum Tooth  Iain Peter Dolan
South Wales  James Greig  -
Surrey  Abdullah Al-Shakarchi   -
Swindon  Jamie McBrien  Marta Jimenez Cobo




Local Network



Africa - Ghana  Osiagor Christian Chinedu  -
Africa - Mauritius  Aman Jovaheer  Poonye Namratha Swapna
Africa - Nigeria  Imoh Rufus Anthony  -
Asia Pacific - Brunei  Joshua Jayasuriya  -
Asia Pacific - Hong Kong  Haofei Wang  -
Asia Pacific - Singapore  Teo Ming Hui  Zhang Jiani
Asia Pacific - Taiwan  Yu-Tzu Cheng  Richard Huang
Australia - New South Wales  Matthew Brown  Sam Jiang
Australia - Queensland  Matt Priestley  Riccardo Campione
Australia - South and Northern Territories  Ryan Sidari  Rowan Pivetta
Australia - Tasmania  Talbot Matthews  Lauren Ward
Australia - Victoria  Mark Fabbro  Jonathan Eden
Australia - Western  Amy Joyce  Jered Masters
Canada - Canadian Prairies - Calgary  Connor Scheu  Aymn Shamsuldin
Canada - Canadian Prairies - Edmonton  Nancy Manchak  Benjamin Reeves
Canada - Ottawa  Imran Mouna  Chidi Augustine Ibeson
Caribbean - Trinidad and Tobago  Faheema Baksh  -
China - Beijing  Xiaofei Pu  -
Europe - Cyprus  Stephanos Phinikarides  Costas Douligeris
Europe - Hellas  Eleftherios Flippakis  Alexandros Hotova
Europe - Iberia - Spain  Laura Escuain  Núria Egidos Plaja
Europe - Malta  Josef Grech  Roseanne Zerafa
Europe - Switzerland  Laura Barrabia Gil  Deanna Hood
India - Bangalore  Ajay Gopal  Hitesh PS
India - Delhi  Jyotika Pruthi  Indranil Ghatak
India - Kolkata  Sudeshna Saha  Rahul Saraf
India - Mumbai  Omkar Patil  Sacho Felix
India - Pune  Srishti Ganjoo  Partik Magar
Middle East - Bahrain  Ahmed Alrawi  Khurram Salman
Middle East - Egypt  Mahmoud Mohsen  Sherine Hazem
Middle East - Kazakhstan  Asem Shumatova  Dinara Gapeyenko
Middle East - Kuwait  Mariam F Al Hammadi  Hussain A Taqi
Middle East - Pakistan  Zain Rehman  -
Middle East - Saudi Arabia  Syed Sulthan Alaudeen Abdul Haroon  Rashid  Abinhay Bhoje
New Zealand - Auckland  David Xu  Hayley Ware
New Zealand - Christchurch  Yanosh Irani  -
South Asia - Sri Lanka  P G G N Wickramasinghe  Amila Saputhanthri
USA - California  Rohulah Latif  -


Present around the World National (Area) Winners and Runners-up 2013/14






Midlands  Ziyad Khamis Mohammed Yehia Efosa Osakue
Northern  Edward Hac  Michael Basford
South East  Edwin Bowden-Peters  Abdullah Al-Shakarchi
South West  Emma O'Mara  Yewande Gbadegesin






Australia  Matthew Brown  Amy Joyce
New Zealand  David Xu  Yanoshi Irani


Present around the World Regional Winners and Runners-up 2013/14





Americas  Faheema Baksh  Imran Mouna
Asia Pacific  Matthew Brown  David Xu
Europe, Middle East and Africa  Laura Barrabia Gil  Josef Grech
South Asia  Sudeshna Saha  Usama Tariq Rasheed
United Kingdom  Emma O'Mara  Edwin Bowden-Peters

Metrics figures for 2013/14

20 UK Local Networks held competitions

38 International Local Networks held competitions

Four national (area) competitions were held in the UK

National competitions were held by Australia and New Zealand