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Power Academy assessment centre


The following information provides a further insight into the assessment centre and will help you prepare and perform to your true potential on the day.

By inviting you to an assessment centre where we can see you in a variety of activities with other candidates, we increase the confidence of the decision as to whether to invite you to interview and potentially to be a Power Academy scholar.


What is the purpose of the assessment centre?

You have been invited to a half day assessment centre because we believe you have already demonstrated some good capabilities throughout the recruitment process so far (capabilities that we can develop further through our programmes) and we believe you could have a bright and successful future with any of the Power Academy partner companies.

You should be feeling confident now because you have successfully passed a number of stages in our recruitment process.

We want you to be successful.  We are positive about you.  Help us to help you by getting involved in our assessment centre and participate in all the activities.

If you say and do nothing then we cannot observe or rate you.  


What to think about

Think about the level of your voice in group exercises, if the assessor is unable to hear you then they can’t assess you.

Make the assessor’s job easier.  This could potentially be your one opportunity to secure a sponsorship so make sure you participate fully in all the activities.

We fully appreciate that the assessment centre is a two way process; an opportunity for us to get to know you and you to get to know the Power Academy.

Please make sure you ask sufficient questions throughout the day so that you can decide whether a Power Academy scholarship is the right choice for you.

Don’t leave the assessment centre with any doubts.

Throughout the day you may experience a little waiting time between activities. Please take this time to relax and take refreshments. This waiting time is crucial for our assessors because it allows them time to write the important notes about you after the activity.

Please be assured that the assessment centre will be just as tiring and hard work for the assessors as it will be for you. Our assessors are very passionate about getting involved in the assessment process. They are all volunteers from the Power Academy partner companies.

Don’t be concerned if any of the companies in which  you have expressed an interest isn’t one of the assessors, your details will be given to all of the companies that you have chosen.


What do we expect from you?

It is incredibly important that you allow your normal and natural behaviours and style to come across during the assessment centre.

An actor can only sustain a role for a limited period of time and if you were to try and take on a role or character yourself during the assessment centre, you would be unable to sustain it for the whole day.

By playing a role you would end up masking some of your natural qualities and strengths and generally painting a very unusual picture of your character to us. Honesty and integrity is another crucial area.

If we believe you are not sincere in one aspect this could impact across your whole performance on the day.



We try to make sure that our assessment activities truly reflect the competencies of a real working environment and the typical issues that people may face on a day to day basis.

Try your best not to share your experiences of the activities with other potential candidates.

Research indicates that individuals who have an insight into the activities will tend to perform worse on the day because they have a preconceived idea of what they think will happen in the activity and are therefore less creative and fresh thinking.

There are typically no right or wrong answers. Each group activity will be different each time because it is influenced by individuals. You are an individual and the companies respect everyone for their individual behaviours and personalities.

Throughout the event you will find it very difficult to judge how well you have performed in an activity, we would strongly recommend that you try not to dwell on what you believe may be poor performance and simply move onto the next activity and try your best at all times.


The interview stage

After the assessment centre your application and assessment details will be forwarded to your chosen companies.

If you are invited for an interview at any of the three companies you have selected, it is recommended that you undertake some research on the particular company.

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