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Information relating to the 2014 Power Academy Summer Seminar.

Seminar programme

2014 Seminar programme (PDF)

Power Academy Essay Winners 2014

Holly Goodwin (791 k) (PDF)
Catriona MacInnes (181 k) (PDF)
Ryan Monaghan (54 k) (PDF)

2014 Power Academy Seminar

The 2014 Power Academy seminar was held at the Carden Park Golf Resort Hotel and Spa on 24 - 25 July 2014.   


Carden Park Hotel 

Carden Park
Broxton Road
Near Chester 
United Kingdom

Image of Carden Park Golf Resort Hotel and Spa, Cheshire


2014 seminar programme (PDF)



The changing energy landscape - Nick Winser, National Grid (1128 k) (PDF)
The System Design Challenge - Oliver Nenadovic, Network Rail (2249 k) (PDF)
How to slay a dragon - Liz Birchenough, Atkins (1814 k) (PDF)
The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Ben Godfrey, Steven Gough and Ian Lloyd, Northern Powergrid and Western Power Distribution (4700 k) (PDF)
Become Professionally Registered with the IET - Colin Sellers, IET (3855 k) (PDF)
On Campus - Martin Harris, IET (835 k) (PDF)


After dinner speaker

This year we surprised the scholars with Major Tim Peake as the after dinner speaker. He is the first British citizen to be selected as an astronaut by the European Space Agency.  Tim skyped in to join the 2014 Power Academy Seminar.

View "A Conversation with Astronaut Tim Peake" (

The IET 2014 Power Academy Essay Challenge 

Every year, the Power Academy invites scholars to write a mini-essay on a chosen topic. This year, scholars were invited to write 700 words on the following topic:

‘In 2015, there will be a UK lead mission to the International Space Station. By tradition, members of the public are invited to propose a name for the mission. What name would you choose and why? The name needs to reflect the project mission, be short and memorable, and something that will not be misunderstood in translation. It cannot be the name of a real person or place, but mythological or fictional characters are allowed.’

The winners Holly Goodwin, Catriona MacInnes and Ryan Monaghan were announced at the Power Academy dinner on 24 July 2014, and received an invitation to attend the 2014  IET Annual Dinner and to be put up in a London Hotel. 

Holly, Catriona and Ryan will also attend an international conference in 2015.
All winnings essays can be downloaded from the left hand column.