Power in unity: A whole system approach (header image)

2 October 2014 | IET Birmingham: Austin Court, UK


About the conference


The Power in Unity 2014 multi-stream conference from a whole-system philosophy, brought together all the key information on smart grid, smart metering, energy storage and power quality.

The ‘whole system’ approach to adapting the UK’s power grid for decarbonisation, with a ‘systems architect’ role at the helm, recommended by the IET Power Vision Joint Network (PNJV) report “Electricity Networks: Handling a Shock to the System” has been explored further.

A selection of leading professionals from the Power Network Joint Vision Expert Group discussed the challenges being faced in integrating low carbon generation to the grid while decarbonising heat and transport and the role of a system architect for the UK electricity system (Electricity Networks: handling a shock to the system). They put forward their perspectives through plenary sessions, parallel conference sessions and panels.

The IET PNJV steering group have had two rounds of funding from the Technology Strategy Board for additional research studies in particular around the role of a system architect and the potential to model future network scenarios.

Delegates found out about how this work aims to assist the government in lowering carbon emissions, making more efficient use of the UK’s resources, and identifying new opportunities for jobs and exports.


Highlights of the event

  • Keynote: Learn about the launch of the new Energy Systems Catapult in 2015 from Nick Smailes, Lead Technologist, Energy, Technology Strategy Board
  • The IET Power Network Joint Vision (PNJV) expert group published a report in December 2013 titled Electricity Networks: Handling a Shock to the System. Hear from a selection of leading professionals from the PNJV Expert Group about the developments and challenges of taking forward the recommendation of the report for a ‘systems architect’ role to oversee the UK electricity system
  • Highlights from the on-going work on DECC and OFGEM’s Smart Grid Forum Workstream 7

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