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2 October 2014 | IET Birmingham: Austin Court, UK

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Don’t miss the exclusive launch of The PNJV Phase II report:

Transforming the Electricity System: How other sectors have met the challenge of whole-system integration


The ‘whole system’ approach to adapting the UK’s power grid for decarbonisation, with a ‘systems architect’ role at the helm, recommended by the IET Power Vision Joint Network (PNJV) report “Electricity Networks: Handling a Shock to the System” has been explored further.


The PNJV Phase II report aims to gain new understanding and knowledge of the role systems architects already play in other UK industries such as air traffic control, railways, defence and telecoms.


Join the author, Professor Roger Kemp CEng FIET from Lancaster University for the launch of “Transforming the Electricity System: how other sectors have met the challenge of whole-system integration” report, to gain insight of the findings and receive a printed copy of the Summary Report exclusive to Power in Unity delegates.


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The Power in Unity Conference offers superb opportunities to raise the profile of your company through direct contact with some of the key companies and individuals at the forefront of the smart energy system.


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In addition to the launch as well as your own complimentary copy of PNJV Phase II Report:


Keynote: Learn about the launch of the new Energy Systems Catapult in 2015 from Nick Smailes, Lead Technologist, Energy, Innovate UK


Highlights from the on-going work on DECC and OFGEM’s Smart Grid Forum Workstream 7


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Electricity networks - handling a shock to the system factfile

Ensuring the future stability of the grid while creating a system that can deal with two-way local power flows and less-predictable generation and new demands such as charging of electric vehicles will be a big challenge.

The IET brought together experts from industry, government and the regulator to share learning and knowledge and identify long-term and cost-effective solutions to this challenge.

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