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From the iPhone to the iET

How engineers changed the world and why their institutions now need to change too

2 October 2014 | The Royal Institution, London, UK

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Engineering has changed the world dramatically in the last 10 years and we are seeing a continuous transformation as the impact of innovations like the Internet and mobile broadband ripple through society.


Engineers have evidently been influential in changing the world but are they changing with it? They are represented by institutions and professional bodies and have been for over 150 years however these now need to move with the times too.


William Webb's opening lecture explored just how engineers changed the world and how their institutions can make the most of the new world they have brought about to build a platform fit for the next 150 years.


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Sir William Siemens

In 1871 Charles William Siemens was appointed President and gave the first President’s Inaugural Address later that year.





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The President's Address Lecture on Thursday 2 October 2014 was streamed live as a webcast and is available to view on the lecture webcast page.


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