Wyboston Lakes Hotel, Bedfordshire (photo)

IET Safety Critical Systems Course

9 – 12 June 2014 | Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire, UK

About the course


This professional development course is designed to give you an extensive and authoritative account of the requirements for functional safety which will:

  • Enable you to develop an understanding of the key aspects of IEC 61508
  • Equip you with an appreciation of the various phases of the safety lifecycle in a systematic manner
  • Prepare you to manage systems, hardware, software and human factor issues
  • Help you to analyse risk based approaches to the development of the safety requirements specification
  • Allow you to consider and apply the requirements of IEC 61508 in a realistic manner through case study material and practical exercises
  • Offer you the chance to explore your practical work-based issues under the supervision of safety experts


This course will benefit engineers who:

  • Are approaching safety-related systems for the first time
  • Will be taking project management responsibility and wish to ensure that they are aware of the most recent developments in this field
  • Have an understanding in specific areas of safety-related system technology and wish to widen their knowledge base


"My name is Martin Goose and I am Chemical Engineer. I will be talking to you on day one about why managing chemical plant process risks is important and why control systems systems are a vital part of keeping them safe.

"I will show you some pictures illustrating what can go wrong and I will define some risk assessment concepts to enable you to understand how process safety specialists think and talk about risk.

"I will also give you an insight into the regulatory approach to risk and the justification for spending further money on safety measures."


“Hello, my name is Ron Pierce and I will be your tutor for day four which will focus on part three of IEC 61508. This is important because so many safety-related systems are now software based.

"I will describe the structure and essential features of part three, and then go on to look in more detail at the practical techniques and measures which can used to achieve safe software.

"I will stress the need to get the software function and performance requirements correct, and how this can be done, in addition to achieving a stated safety integrity level. I greatly enjoy delivering this course and look forward to meeting you in 2013.”

"My name is Peter Wyman and I will be talking to you on day three about functional safety assurance – something you might already be doing unbeknown to yourself!"
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“My name is Bill Black and on day two and three of the course I will present sessions on how to decide on system architecture, operational and maintenance requirements and safety management.

"I will also lead two workshop sessions where participants will work within small groups to answer questions relating to a real safety application.  In the first workshop session the groups will determine the safety requirements specification and in the second workshop session groups will determine suitable architectures.

"In the workshop feedback sessions answers will be provided on the tasks set and two other real safety applications will be described. Seeing the principles of IEC 61508 being applied to real applications is an essential part of the learning process."


What is included in my course registration?

An intense but enjoyable week which includes the following:

  • Safety Critical Systems 2014 course folder consisting of notes provided by the tutors
  • Accommodation at Wyboston Lakes for the duration of the course
  • Access to all facilities at Wyboston Lakes including golf and spa
  • All  meals whilst onsite including the Course Dinner at the Waterfront restaurant
  • Invited guest speaker on the last evening
  • Certificates of attendance which may contribute towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Please visit the registration page for more details.