SIL Determination 2015 (header image)

9 - 10 December 2015 | 15Hatfields, London, UK


About the workshops and seminar


Industry increasingly relies upon safety systems to maintain and protect operating assets.

Systems comprised of electrical or electronic elements have been widely used to perform safety functions in most application sectors

The oil and gas industry, nuclear plants, and transport sector, to name but a few, all rely heavily on functional safety.

The functional safety compliance requirements of IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 and other standards covering safety-related systems are increasingly being specified in procurement specifications in a wide range of sectors and increasingly diverse applications.

The standards are also being used not just for functional safety but also for asset protection.

Allied to the need to have adequate levels of functional safety to meet safety / environment risks is the need to ensure that safety-related systems are properly protected against cyber-attacks.


Welcome note from Chairman


Ron Bell, Director, Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd

"The IET SIL Workshop and Seminar provide coverage of a number of important topic issues with the intention of disseminating what is considered current good practice and highlighting what is emerging and will be considered as good practice in the future from both a functional safety and cyber security viewpoints.

It will be an ideal opportunity for learning what is new and the challenges ahead and importantly will allow discussion on a number of issues that many of us are facing."

The programme of this year’s seminar will focus on practical solutions at achieving Safety Integrity Levels (SIL).

Experts in the field will look into emerging challenges in a diverse range of sectors and topics:

  • Competence criteria for safety related systems - The IET Code of Practice for Competence of Safety-Related Systems Practitioners
  • What’s new in the revised process safety international standard IEC61511
  • Functional safety concepts applied to asset protection in oil and gas and process industries
  • Emerging issues and challenges in safety systems for nuclear new build
  • Case study: Hydro-power flood gate control. Design parameters and how they were developed


Workshops day

Make the most of this event and do not forget to attend our special workshops day on 9 December 2015.

The morning workshop, run by PA Consulting Group, will look at how to use the new CPNI Security for Industrial Control Systems (SICS) Framework to reduce security risks.

The afternoon workshop led by Engineering Safety Consultants will address the need for end-users to fully understand the implications of the parameters that underpin proof testing and proof test procedures.

We offer 25% discount if you choose to attend two workshops!


Who's attending:

ABB Engineering, Atkins Global, Babcock International, BAE Systems, CESG/GCHQ, Energy Technology Control, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, Kenneth Grubb Associates, MBDA Systems, Moore Industries, National Grid, NIBSC, OCCAR, Qinetiq, SABIC, STFC, Transport for London


What past delegates say:

"Good learning how different industries are tackling this topic."

"Wide range of industries covered, interesting presentations."

"Ability to glean alternative methodologies from across industry."

"Opportunity to network with people having the same set of ideas and concerns."

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