SIL Determination 2014 (header image)

Safety integrity levels… challenges and emerging best practices

10 - 11 December 2014 | 15Hatfields, London, UK



IET SIL Determination event has now passed. Look out for the new Human Factors for Engineers Course in Bristol, 24 - 25 March 2015!


10 December - Workshops day

The workshop day set the scene for a diverse programme of the seminar the following day.


The morning interactive workshop, titled "SIL and human involvement", looked at some of the characteristics of humans and nature of human failure, relating aspects of these to the assessment of safety integrity levels (SIL).


The workshop was led by ABB Consulting experts Alan King and Tony Atkinson.


The afternoon workshop, delivered by Engineering Safety Consultants expert team Ron Bell and Simon Burwood, set out the key elements that form the foundation for determining what is deemed “safe” in the context of safety-related / safety critical systems to judge “How safe is safe enough?”


Find out more about the workshop day.


11 December - Seminar day

The IET SIL Determination 2014 brought together a number of speakers from different sectors with extensive experience of the application of Safety Integrity Levels.


The event provided an introduction to the concept of a “SIL” and its importance in the design process for a safety-rated system to IEC 61508 or one of the standards within the family of IEC 61508 (e.g. IEC 61511, IEC 62061).


Sufficient time was allowed for interaction between speakers and delegates both during the individual presentations but also in the lively panel session at the end of the day. 


Find out more about the seminar day.


This event can count towards CPD requirements. You'll earn up to 12 hours of CPD.

To keep your CPD records up to date ask in advance for an attendance certificate.


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