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IET Seminar on Solar Storms

Building a business case to protect and prepare ground based infrastructure against geomagnetic storms

30 April 2013 | IET London: Savoy Place, UK

What’s it about?

…’the scientific consensus is that the threat is real and that we need to take action immediately because we have no idea when the next big one might strike.’ (Source: Earth magazine)


Terrorism and natural disasters might be at the forefront of the minds of policy makers and the global population, but a significant threat lurks over our heads: the sun. A massive solar storm, of a size last seen a century and a half ago, could easily leave hundreds of millions of people in the dark for days, weeks or even months. (Source: Earth magazine)


Join us on… 30 April 2013

As our Chair and Keynote Speaker, Prof Mike Hapgood, RAL says ‘Good engineering design must be the first line of defence against space weather’.


Reasons to attend

  • Understand the scale and frequency of solar storms
  • Appreciate the challenge you face to protect your ground based assets and infrastructure
  • Derive essential knowledge to help build your business case to protect engineered assets and systems
  • Meet the people who can simulate effects of solar storms and give you essential insight into your equipment and systems resilience
  • Gather insights into effects of CMEs on the power grid and apply this learning to your systems
  • Learn what protective steps can be taken to protect your assets from failure to perform on demand
  • Rub shoulders with government advisors to understand solar storms upon the National Risk Register


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