Cognitive Radio and TV White Spaces Technology 2012 (promo image)

Cognitive Radio and TV White Spaces Technology 2012

25 June 2012 | IET London: Savoy Place

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Andrew Fell (photo)

Andrew Fell, Radio Frequency Design Engineer and Project Manager, The Technology Partnership (TTP).




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David Crawford (photo)

David Crawford runs the Centre for White Space Communications, an industry-focused R&D centre set up by the University of Strathclyde in March 2011.


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Mark Waddell (photo)

He is leading the BBC R&D work on the use of UHF white space and is a regular contributor to CEPT SE43 and EBU-SDB study groups.



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Peter Stanforth (photo)

Peter is responsible for managing intellectual property development and aspects of product development and operations.


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Simon Mason (photo)

Simon has worked in broadcasting for over 25 years both with public service broadcasters and the commercial sector.


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Andrew Stirling (photo)

Andrew is the project director for the Cambridge Trial, leading a consortium of 15 leading companies in the Cambridge White Spaces Consortium.


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Les Smith (photo)

Les Smith works within CSR’s Research & Innovation Group part of the CTO’s Office.



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Maziar Nekovee (photo)

Maziar is a pioneer in research and development of cognitive radio technology for access to white space spectrum.



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Image to follow (image)

Reza Karimi is a Technical Policy Director at the UK communications regulator, Ofcom.


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William Webb (photo)

William is one of the founding directors of Neul, a company developing machine-to-machine technologies and networks.


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