Cognitive Radio and TV White Spaces Technology 2012 (promo image)

Cognitive Radio and TV White Spaces Technology 2012

25 June 2012 | IET London: Savoy Place

Mark Waddell (photo)

Mark Waddell


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Speaker biography


Mark Waddell, BBC

Mark Waddell joined the BBC in 1988 after graduating from Lancaster University. Working initially on radio receiver and transmitter design, Mark subsequently specialised in RF systems and FPGA design for digital modems. He developed the video coders and diversity receivers for the first COFDM wireless cameras deployed in the BBC.

Most recently he has been concerned with the technical parameters affecting radio spectrum engineering and regulation, specialising in DTT and PMSE coexistence issues. He is leading the BBC R&D work on the use of UHF white space and is a regular contributor to CEPT SE43 and EBU-SDB study groups. He is also leading the BBC contributions to the UK trials of WSD technology in Cambridge and the Isle of Bute in Scotland.