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Wireless Sensor Systems

18 - 19 June 2012 | RIBA, London, UK


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About the conference


WSS 2012 was the first IET International Wireless Sensor Systems Conference held in association with the IET Wireless Sensor Systems journal.

Recent progress in wireless sensor technology offers the potential for revolutionary new solutions to the challenges of the 21st century, from providing for the needs of an ageing population to the requirement for greener technologies.

The IET International Conference on Wireless Sensor Systems (WSS 2012) was the first of its kind and played a substantial role in disseminating innovative research ideas from academia and industry alike.

WSS 2012 was the latest in a series of call-for-papers events linked with our high-quality journals, the conference will provided an additional route to publication for not only existing IET authors and reviewers but indeed anyone engaged in research in the field of wireless sensor systems.

Chaired by Professor Habib Rashvand, the editor-in-chief of IET Wireless Sensor Systems, and with a world-class technical programme committee, the conference will provided the perfect opportunity to publish results, share knowledge and expertise, meet leading academic and business figures, and network with your peers.

London provided the prefect back drop for this high-quality conference.


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