Images of YP Summit attendees (four photos)

Young Professionals Summit

An invitation only event for the Young Professionals Forum

14 October 2011, IET London: Savoy Place

IET London: Savoy Place (photo)


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Past events

You can find more about the 2010 YP Summit by visiting the past events web pages.

Welcome to the Young Professionals Summit website


The 2011 Young Professionals Summit has now taken place.

Photographs taken during the event can be found in the photo gallery.


We have compiled a post-event pack, containing the key messages from all the main presentations at the YP Summit and the Volunteers Conference Weekend - please click on the link below to download the PDF.

YP Summit and Volunteers Conference Post-event pack



C F Kwong, YP Summit Task Force Leader

David Leong, Chair, YPCT


Ice Breaker 

Janice Man


Young Professionals Forum (YPF) Focus

David Leong - YPCT

Regional updates:

Colin Arthur - GBI YP update

R Jananthan – South Asia update

Issac Hsu – Asia Pacific update

Hisham Rojoa - EMEA update

Tim Ludikar - Americas


Present Around the World  

Simon Gallagher, Chair, YP Awards Sub-committee


Graduate Advantage  

Paul Brett, Young Professionals Business Manager, IET


IET Communities  

Katy Turff, Programme Manager



Breakout Session 1 - Organise for success

Alex Taylor, Community Manager - Local Networks


Breakout Session 2 - Raising the Game of Young Professional Section (YPS): Do’s, Don’ts and Building Up Student Chapter

C F Kwong, YP Summit Task Force Leader

Andrei Bettinson, YP Summit Task Force Member


Breakout session 3 - YP constructs

Jon Ratcliff, YPCT

Tim Ludikar, YPCT


Breakout Session 4 - YPF Engagement: How to engage more effectively in the future?

Sam McLaughlin, YPF


Breakout session 5 - Governance review

David Leong, Chair, YPCT

Jayathu Senadheera, YPCT


IET Connect

Gerry Austin, IET Connect External Relations Manager


Young Professionals in 2012 

Dr Mike Short, IET President