The IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards

This prestigious award honours the very best early career female engineers working in the UK today

10 December 2014 | London, UK


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How to enter


Before starting your entry, please read all of the submission instructions on this page.


The entry process

The entry process (logo)

Understanding the entry process

  • Before applying, please ensure you have read the criteria section
  • Please also ensure you read the instructions on this page entirely – most queries we receive are usually due to the submission instructions not being read properly
  • All online entries must be completed by the person entering (you cannot fill it out on behalf of someone else), and a completed nominators form submitted by 31 July 2014 17:00 (BST) if it is to be considered
  • Please note that all applications are automatically entered for all three awards presented at the ceremony (YWE, Mary George Memorial and WES Prize)
  • Following the review of entries, successful candidates (or, the “Shortlist”) will be invited to an interview which will be held around early September time in London
  • The top five shortlisted candidates (or “the finalists”) will have a short film produced about them which will be played at the ceremony and used to help promote the awards and women in engineering
  • All finalists will be required to attend the ceremony held in London in early December


Completing your entry

Step 1 (logo)

Read the criteria section

Step 2 (logo)

Ensure you have read the instructions on this page in full

Step 3 (logo)

Register as a new user on the entry system

  1. Enter the YWE online submission system via the access button below
  2. Register as a new user by clicking on the red text at top of screen – fill out all required fields on the form
  3. Confirmation screen – upon completion of your user account, a confirmation email will be sent to you containing the nominator’s form
Step 4 (logo)

Completing the online entry form

  1. Enter the YWE online submission system via the access button below and login with your username and password you set up when registering as a new user
  2. Select create a new submission in the box at the top
  3. Complete all five sections of the entry form:

Section A – Candidate details
Section B – Relevant Apprenticeship Information
Section C – Employment and free-text questions
Section D – Photo & data protection
Section E – Nominator’s form upload (see step 5 – “Completing the nominators form” below)

  • Do not use the forward or back buttons on your browser when navigating the fields. Please use the “Back” and “Next” buttons at the bottom of each page
  • You do not have to fill out all five sections of your entry straight away. You can complete your entry in stages – Every time you press the “next” the system will save all the data input on that screen. So you could choose to complete one section and then come back to it later to amend it, or, complete other questions / the next section. Please note you must press the next button in order for the data to be saved on a particular section
  • You cannot skip a section – mandatory questions will need data input in order to progress to the next section


Free text questions

We recommend you don’t type directly into the free-text answer boxes – if you forget to press next button before closing, you risk losing the text and you will have to start again.

We suggest for the longer, free text questions to pre-prepare your answers in a word document and then copy and paste them onto the system when you are ready (don’t forget to check that each fits within the 450 word limit!)

Remember you can always go back to change / tweak answers at any time before the entry deadline.

Step 5 (logo)

Submitting the nominator’s form

Every entry must be validated by submitting a completed nominator’s form.

  1. Please ensure you have downloaded the PDF nominator’s form which must be completed by your chosen nominator
  2. Once completed by your nominator, please re-access the online submission system via the access button below
  3. Log-in using your username and password
  4. Click on the reference number for your entry
  5. Upload your form at section E: Nominator’s form upload (step 5 of 5)
  6. Select finish and you’re done!



“My endorser wants to view my entry before completing the nominators form – how can I give them access to it?”

Once you have completed sections A to D, you just need to skip the nominators form screen until you reach the summary screen. Here you can print out a hard copy of your entry using the “print” button for your nominator / endorser to look at. Alternatively you can print to PDF and send them the PDF version as an email attachment. You can then login later and upload the completed form at the nominators form upload screen.


Summary screen

Once you have completed all five sections and you click the “finish” forward button, you will receive a pop up notification saying your submission has been successfully completed (or amended, as appropriate).

Once you hit OK you will be directed to a summary screen of all the data you have entered and you will receive a confirmation email.

Information icon (logo)

Making changes to your entry

You can go back and finish / amend any section you wish and / or re-upload an updated version of your nominator’s form at any time up until the closing date of 31 July 2014, 17:00 (BST).

  • To amend your entry you need to log-in to the system
  • Click on the reference number for your entry and make amendments as appropriate
  • Remember to save amendments you must click “next”
  • To re-upload a later version of your nominator’s form, just browse to the new file and hit the next button to save. You can check the file has uploaded correctly on the summary screen by clicking on the “supporting” link at the bottom
Tick (logo)


  • Judging will be based solely on the information submitted by the candidate and the nominator
  • Decisions reached will be regarded as final after the decisions have been announced
  • The IET reserves the right not to present any listed YWE award / prize
  • The IET or other associated societies cannot meet any travelling or subsistence expenses for candidates, either prior to or during the awards
   Question mark (logo)


If you have any queries about the submission process or you want to withdraw you entry please contact