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IET Achievement Awards Ceremony
Thursday 24 October 2019: IET London | Savoy Place

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Mountbatten Medal

The Medal was founded by the National Electronics Council in 1992 and named after The Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the first Chairman of the Council. The Mountbatten Medal celebrates individuals who have made an outstanding contribution, over a period of time, to the promotion of electronics or information technology and their application. Contributions can be within the spheres of science, technology, industry or commerce and in the dissemination of the understanding of electronics and information technology, whether to young people, or adults.

Award winners are chosen by the IET Achievement Awards Panel.

How can I nominate?

  • Click on the purple button above to make a nomination
  • We welcome nominations for women and men from around the world
  • You don't need to be an IET member to make a nomination or be nominated
  • Your nominee does not need to be a member
  • Only one nomination is needed per candidate
  • We cannot accept self-nominations

How is the winner chosen?

Your nominee will be assessed on the following:

  • The stimulation of public awareness of the significance and value of electronics;
  • Spreading recognition of the economic significance of electronics and IT, and encouraging their effective use throughout industry in general;
  • Encouraging excellence in product innovation and the successful transition of scientific advances to wealth-creating products;
  • Recognising brilliance in academic and industrial research;
  • Encouraging young people of both sexes to make their careers in the electronics and IT industries;
  • Increasing the awareness of the importance of electronics and IT amongst teachers and others in the educational disciplines.

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