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2018 Scholarship and Bursary Celebration Ceremony  

The 2018 Scholarship and Bursary Celebration Ceremony was held on Wednesday, 14 February 2018 at IET Savoy Place, London

This was the first time that the 2017 scholars and bursary winners met.

The ceremony was opened by Iris Hutchings, IET Scholarships Account Manager, who introduced Carol Sharawy, IET Engineering Horizons Account Manager.

Sam Presley, Chair of the Student Representative Council spoke about how volunteering for the IET had enhanced his experience as a Diamond Jubilee Scholarship winner. How the Council represents the scholars and bursary winners views, and how they engage with the IET.  Sam invited the 2017 scholars and bursary winners to join the Council.

Alex Taylor, Head of Communities and Events welcomed everyone to the event, and explained what interaction with the IET can do for the scholarship and bursary winners.

Mark Goudie, Chair of the IET Engineering Horizons Bursary Panel and 2017 Paul Fletcher Award winner spoke of his career journey.

Ozak Esu, 2017 IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year and 2017 Mike Sargeant Award winner spoke about her journey from school in Nigeria to becoming an advocate for knowledge and resource sharing for the international and global development.

All the 2017 scholars and bursary winners were called up on stage to receive their certificate from their donors or Nick Winser, IET President.

Nigel Fine, IET Chief Executive and Secretary, congratulated the winners and thanked the donors for supporting both schemes and then closed the ceremony.


The following donors presented certificates to the scholarship and bursary winners:

On behalf of BAE Systems, Nick Winser, IET President
On behalf of Belling Charitable Settlement, Nick Winser, IET President
BT, Lisa Perkins
On behalf of Dangoor Education, Nick Winser, IET President
The Engineers Trust, John Baxter
Nigel & Ruth Fine, Nigel Fine
On behalf of The Manly Trust, Nick Winser, IET President
National Grid, James Watson
On behalf of Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Nick Winser, IET President
Siemens Plc, Lisa Nicholas
Thales, Paul Gosling

The 2017 Scholarship and Bursary winners and donors talk about the award.


View images from the 2018 Scholarship and Bursary Celebration Ceremony.


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