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Charles Belling Diamond Jubilee Scholarship


Scholarships offered in 2019

3 scholarships of £2,000 per year supported by the Belling Charitable Settlement. In addition, the winners of these scholarships will receive £1,000 awarded by the IET or another donor.


Organisation type

Charitable Trust


Organisation Name

The Belling Charitable Settlement



The Belling Trust is a small Charitable Trust established in 1964 by Charles Belling shortly before his death. The aims of the Trust are the relief of poverty experienced by men and women who have been employed principally in the electrical engineering industry, interpreted in the widest sense, and for the provision of facilities for the encouragement of education, technical and vocational training.

The Trust has been providing ICT equipment to primary schools in the UK, principally Cornwall. Although Charles Belling was born and raised in Cornwall, most of his working life was spent in the Enfield area. The Trustees have therefore, since 2005, offered assistance of this nature in the Enfield, Ponders End and Edmonton area where Charles Belling started Belling & Co. in 1912.

Charles Belling was educated with a scholarship for orphans at the Crossley School in Halifax. From there he was apprenticed to Colonel Crompton’s company at Chelmsford. He then went to work as a foreman in the heat lamp department at Eddie Swan. During his business life Charles Belling went on to fund other joint electrical related business ventures, MK Electric, Belling & Lee and several other smaller companies, as well as helping other promising young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.

He joined The Institute of Electrical Engineers (a predecessor organisation of the IET) as the result of a letter sent to his business saying they were forming the institute. Through his charity he stated that one of its aims should be to help future engineers tread the path he trod and the current Belling Charitable Trustees are therefore delighted to be working in partnership with the IET to award three undergraduate IET Charles Belling Diamond Jubilee Scholarships each year worth a total of £3,000 per year of study.


As a Diamond Jubilee Scholar funded by the organisation, what are the benefits/opportunities

Scholarships funding via the IET Diamond Jubilee scholarship scheme worth up to £3,000 per year for up to 4 years and all the additional benefits provided by the IET.


2019 Key dates

Final deadline

12 September 2019, 17:00 (BST)


All applicants will be informed in December 2019

Submit a Diamond Jubilee scholarship application:

2019 online submission form


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