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IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarships 2018


Approximately 40 scholarships will be available, of at least £1,000 per year, for up to three years for Bachelors and four years for MEng, to students who are about to start an IET accredited degree course in autumn 2018.

Image of Diamond Jubille Scholarship winners 2015  

How much are the scholarships worth?

Three winners will each receive a Charles Belling Diamond Jubilee Scholarship worth £3,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).
Ten winners will each receive an IET Great Exhibition Scholarship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 worth £1,500 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).
Approximately 25 winners will each received a IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship worth £1,000 per annum (up to a maximum of four years).


Who is eligible?

The scholarships are for individuals who;

  • Either achieve;
      • 3 'A's at A Level
      • 3 'A' grade Advanced Highers
      • 5 'A' grade Highers
      • International Baccalaureate Diploma at 36 points or above
  • Diamond Jubilee Scholarships are for UK residents only.
  • Must be about to commence studying in Autumn 2018, on an undergraduate degree programme in the UK which has been accredited by the IET.  Before making your application, check the list of CEng and IEng accredited programmes to make sure that your degree course in the UK is accredited by the IET. If your degree course is not accredited by the IET, you will not be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

How to Apply

  • Complete the online application form using the link at the top of the page. (Submission opens in March 2018)
  • You can apply for a scholarship at any time until 23 August 2018.
  • UCAS results and examination results must be uploaded to applications and fully submitted by 23 August 2018.
  • Changes to your application form can be made at any time up until the deadline.


How are the winners chosen?

Your entry will be assessed on the following:

  • The quality of your application
  • Commitment to engineering
  • Achievements and academic progress
  • External activity, for example volunteering, STEM promotion or work experience



  • Winners will receive free membership of the IET for the duration of their course, if not already received as an IET Academic Partner with their University.
  • Professional Development support
  • Networking opportunities
  • A chance to be an ambassador for the IET and inspiring young people to pursue STEM careers.



IET Diamond Jubilee scholarships are funded and assessed by theIET, charitable foundations and engineering companies.

Please note: If you have a IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship supported by an engineering company, you cannot hold another company-sponsored scholarship such as IET Power Academy, E3 Academy, UKESF, GCHQ and BP. Please contact us at if you have any questions on a scholarship you hold.


2018 Key dates

30 June 2018 As much of the application completed as possible.
23 August 2018 UCAS and examination results uploaded to applications and fully submitted.
September to October 2018 IET and donor shortlist applicants.
October/November 2018 (TBC) Interviews, if shortlisted for Charles Belling or IET Great Exhibition Scholarships supported by Royal Commission of 1851.
December 2018 All applicants informed of decision.
January 2019 First payment to successful applicants.



2018 Key dates

Final deadline

Diamond Jubilee Scholarships:
23 August 2018, 17:00 (BST)     


Diamond Jubilee Scholarship (if short listed for Belling or Royal Commission of 1851 Scholarship):
October/November 2018


Submit a Diamond Jubilee Scholarship application

Submission opens in March 2018


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