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Faraday Medal


The Faraday Medal of the IET is a bronze medal established to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the first Ordinary Meeting of the Society of Telegraph Engineers.

It is the most prestigious of the IET Achievement Medals and is awarded either for notable scientific or industrial achievement in engineering or for conspicuous service rendered to the advancement of science, engineering and technology or for lifetime achievement in science, engineering or technology. The Award is made without restriction as regards nationality, country of residence or membership of the IET.

Recipients of the award are chosen by the IET Awards and Prizes Committee and are endorsed by the IET Knowledge Management Board.


2017 Faraday Medal recipient: Dr Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of computer programming language, C++

Image of Bjarne Stroustrup   The IET Faraday Medal is awarded to Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of C++. Dr. Stroustrup pioneered the C++ programming language, one of the most influential programming languages in the history of computing. C++ revolutionized the software industry globally, through its versatile, efficient, and innovative abstraction techniques, including object-oriented programming and generic programming. It impacted millions of programmers and numerous industries globally, including software infrastructure, web services, telecommunications, microelectronics, scientific computing, finance, defense, aviation, image processing, music, movie making, gaming, and medical systems and allowed the development of truly remarkable technologies.

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2016 Faraday Medal recipient: Dr Andy Harter FREng MA CEng FIET, founder and CEO of RealVNC, Cambridge UK

Image of Dr Andrew Harter FREng MA CEng FIET  

Quote by Dr Timothy Constandinou, Chairman, IET Awards and Prizes Committee

The Awards and Prizes Committee was unanimous in recommending Dr Harter for the IET’s Faraday Medal. Dr Harter’s work has over many years proven to have wide-ranging impact. This includes the development of successful technology such as Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which has created new markets and brought significant economic and environmental benefits. VNC remains the most popular remote access software as well as the most ported, with over 1 billion copies on more different kinds of computer than any other application. Dr Harter is equally skilled at creating new pathways to commercialisation, pioneering open source without compromising profitability. Through his philanthropy and mentoring initiatives he is supporting others to follow his example.

View interview with Dr Andy Harter FREng MA CEng FIET


2015 Faraday Medal recipient: Professor Kees Schouhamer Immink FIEEE FAES FSMPTE

Image of Kees Schouhamer Immink   Professor Kees Schouhamer Immink FIEEE FAES FSMPTE has been awarded the Faraday Medal for significant contributions to digital video, audio and data storage systems.

Professor Immink is founder and president of Turing Machines Inc. and is regarded as one of the most prolific inventors in the field of consumer electronics of the late 20th Century. His work as a scholar and practitioner of electrical engineering has seen him not only gain world-wide recognition in his area of expertise, but also seen him decorated as a Knight of the Order of Oranje-Nassau – a historic and highly prestigious title given to those who have made an outstanding contribution to Dutch Society. He’s also been recognised as one of the leading pioneers behind the digital revolution.

In 1979 he was Philips’ lead-engineer in the joint Sony/Philips development of Compact Disc specifications and was also lead-engineer of DVD and Blu-ray disc projects in the 1990s, designing both their codes.  He has shaped the fundamental knowledge of constrained codes for storage media, which significantly accelerated the development of data storage technology. His authoritative monograph 'Codes for Mass Data Storage Systems' has seen three English editions, and appeared in Chinese and Japanese translations.  His creativity has resulted in more than one thousand patents across the world covering all aspects of data storage technology.  The US Consumer Electronics Association estimates that a Western household owns around 9.1 products that use his inventions.   


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IET Achievement Awards:
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